KOI Collection: A tribute to Japanese Culture

This article will explore one of BRABBU’s most memorable and significant meaning collections – the KOI Collection. This is a symbolic collection of the most sophisticated elements, from consoles to tables. Let’s uncover more about this collection.

KOI Collection

A golden tribute to a Japanese Symbol

koi carp japanese symbol

Koi is a symbol of many good qualities in Japan. Koi are known for swimming against the current and overcoming great obstacles (as mentioned in an old saying below), and they represent strength, courage, patience, and success through perseverance. Koi has become a symbol of prosperity and good luck due to their ability to grow very large and live a long life.

Our KOI Collection

koi collection a unique tribute to japanese culture

The koi carp has long been a symbol of Japanese culture. Its natural colour mutations demonstrate its adaptability and fierceness, just as this collection is known for. Explore the different elements of this collection and choose which one would fit best your modern home interior design.

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KOI Screen

Koi collection golden screen ready for a modern home

The KOI Folding Screen is the highlight of every modern home decor. The KOI scales on the folding screen’s sides shine and reflect the sun on its brass surface. This modern contemporary folding screen will add a touch of elegance to any contemporary home design.

KOI Console

modern console koi collection

This contemporary hallway console table, with a brushed brass matte base and a top in Nero Marquina marble, will add refined elegance to any modern contemporary interior design.

koi collection koi carp

Their slow, graceful movements represent peace and tranquillity. If there is a pond in a Japanese garden, koi are almost certainly present. Japanese gardens are frequently found near or within temples and palaces, which are also very auspicious locations. Koi may have been kept near these locations as a good luck charm or to ensure the success of those who visited.

KOI Dining Table

modern dining table koi collection

The KOI Dining Table symbolizes an element of pure energy in any interior design. With a base in brushed brass matte and a top in acryic, this golden brass round dining table add sophistication to any interior.

KOI II Dining Table

modern square dining table

For dynamic families, the KOI II Dining Table is the key. Simple and elegant, this dining table has the same traits as the previous one, but in a larger and rectangular shape.

More inspiration

More inspiration

japanese culture

Minimalism, organic forms and representations of nature, geometric shapes, symbolism, and custom typography are all hallmarks of Japanese design. Many examples of this can be found in traditional and contemporary Japanese art and design, and it all stems from their pragmatic way of life.

KOI Side Table

modern collection of golden side tables

Embracing natural shapes, the KOI Side Table provides a simple yet functional element to add to any interior. These side tables are the perfect addition to any interior where golden and cultural elements can give life to.

KOI II Side Table

A bigger side table for a larger space that needs life. The difference between the KOI II Side Table to the previous one is the base in brass matte and the top in forest green marble, which completely stands out.

KOI Center Table

modern center table in golden brass

In a tribute to the so special symbol of Japanese Culture, the KOI Center Table has a top in bronze glass, making it the perfect finish for any modern interior, especially living room.

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