The Most Desirable Sofas for Your Home

Today’s theme will be the most desirable sofas! When we are furnishing our home, we look for pieces that are both functional and stunning. We may struggle to decide how to design or even what to buy for the living room, but one thing is certain: we require a large, comfortable, and distinctive sofa to serve as the focal point in any area of the home. So, let’s take a look at the most desirable sofas to bring your home to life!

Most desirable sofas

Your home essential

modern living room with the most desirable sofas

Borneo is the world’s third-biggest island and Asia’s largest. The BORNEO Sofa is inspired by this wonderful island and is covered in brown velvet with pinewood legs stained in Wengue Matte. This modern velvet couch will be the centre focus of any living room design, making it a perfect choice for a sophisticated and one-of-a-kind project.

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modern green living room with button-tufted sofa

The House of Bourbon was a French dynasty famed for its nobility and magnificence. The BOURBON Sofa exemplifies this grandeur with its button-tufted inner back, luxurious cotton velvet, and matte aged brass base. This velvet couch complements any elegant setting.

modern living room in orange tones most desirable sofas

The OTTER Sofa, inspired by the character of this animal, can adapt to any environment and become an important element of your interior design. This orange cotton velvet couch, with its spherical forms that convey both comfort and grandiosity, may be put in a modern living room or a cosy home theatre space.

the most desirable sofas modern grey living room

The HERA Two Round Sofa, inspired by the magnificent Hera Temple, combines ancient Greek qualities with modern interiors. This modern two-seater circular couch is ideal for a living room setting, serving as the accent piece that will boost any design.

modern living room with green velvet sofa most desirable sofas

MALAY Velvet Sofa, a variation of mid-century contemporary furniture, was inspired by the ethnicities of the mesmerising Malay Archipelago. This tufted upholstered two-seat couch with matte aged brass legs has a magical character that will energise your mid-century contemporary living room set.

most desirable sofas for your home modern living room

The first ships to cross the Atlantic inspired the NAU Sofa, a piece of furniture that will provide a sense of adventure and discovery to your living room set. This mid-century blue couch is upholstered in cotton velvet and has ash wood legs finished in wenge satin matte.

most desirable sofas modern entryway

Loch Maree in Scotland is encircled by a magnificent mountain with rocky scenery. The tufted velvet upholstery of the MAREE Single Sofa softens the rugged terrain. This magnificent living room single sofa chair updates the classic chesterfield couch with velvet upholstery and black matte lacquer legs.

the most desirable sofas

Ibis are attractive birds with long, thin legs. A beautiful sitting arrangement, similar to the IBIS 2 Seat Sofa. This two-seat couch in cotton velvet with antique brass nailhead trim will be the main point of any living room ensemble. This modern two-seat couch will add beauty and comfort to any decor.

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