Colours trending for this Fall-Winter: Cobalt Blue and Hot Pink

moodboard of colours trending for this fall winter

Today’s article will explore the colours trending for this fall-winter season. Trends are born on the runways every season, but they don’t really come to life until they are used on the public. Since this summer had an extraordinary spotlight on saturated shades, we wouldn’t guess it would be any different for the colder seasons.

Fall-Winter Trends

Colours to use

At Copenhagen’s Spring 2023 Fashion Week, there were a lot of different trends gaining space. Still, none stood out more than the playful punches of colour – for example, the vivid and electric hues of oranges and zesty lime greens to the never-out-of-date fall browns and greys. But the premiss to this new season is just one – in this fall-winter, let this be the time to think outside box and colour outside the lines not only in your wardrobe but also in your interior design.

moodboard of colours trending for this fall winter

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Cobalt Blue

Aqua and cerulean are trendy colours right now, but this beautiful cobalt blue seems to be the most popular. We know that many colours look well against neutrals, but there’s just something about this blue that goes so well with practically every interior and elegant product.

colours trending for this fall-winter cobalt blue

Cobalt blue is one of the most eye-catching colours to emerge from the Fall-Winter 22 runways. The best aspect is that it looks great with neutral beige and black hues, making it simple to mix with almost everything in your closet or your interior.

colours trending for this fall-winter cobalt blue

While cobalt blue is now fashionable, it is a colour with a long history — even elemental. Cobalt is a silvery-blue metal in its natural form, and because of the bright shade, it produces when fired, it was employed in Chinese porcelain and Babylon ceramic glazes. So you should absolutely consider incorporating this vibrant colour into your life.

colours trending for this fall-winter cobalt blue

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Hot Pink

A timely silhouette (see: low-rise jeans, tiny skirts(opens in new tab), cut-out dresses(opens in new tab)) frequently sums up fashion trends. However, in 2022, the attention will be on a poppy-coloured hue: hot pink. The most recent interpretation is inspired by the ultra-bright world of Barbie and Ken, fittingly dubbed the “Barbiecore” movement, which rejects the need for neutrals entirely.

colours trending for this fall hot pink

The virality of Barbiecore has already resulted in an overabundance of hot pink, but we suspect the trend will abate very soon. Pink in all shades is popular for autumn, but it’s the rich and saturated hot pink tones that drew the most attention on the runways.

colours trending for this fall hot pink

The hot pink Barbiecore trend in 2022 is all about overdoing it with amusing pink accessories to attain a completely pink-tinted lifestyle. And this also includes making bold choices when it comes to interior design. Choose how you can add a powerful and bold pink element to your modern interior.

colours trending for this fall hot pink

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