8 Contemporary Hallway Designs

Today’s article will explore some of the most exquisite Contemporary Hallway Designs. The hallway is a passageway from one room to one room to another. Although these may be perceived as not real places in a home, they are as necessary as any other. So, we gathered some of our top 8 choices of the best Contemporary Hallway Designs to inspire you to update your own before the year ends.

Contemporary Hallway Designs

Top 8

Contemporary Hallway Designs

We are starting off with a one-of-a-kind interior design choice. This contemporary hallway design portrays green tones in such a subtle tone, that highlights the softness of the GAIA Dining Chairs and the opulence of the SHINTO Sideboard.

Contemporary Hallway Design

A hallway can lead influence any space or interior. Creating a contemporary hallway design means, above all, thinking outside the box risking to create something completely different from the usual. In this contemporary hallway, the AGRA Console and Dining Table fill the room with its unique marble pattern.

Contemporary Hallway Designs in blue tones

The colour blue adds so much life to any interior, especially when mixed with the ultimate furniture. The blue design of the BELIZE mirror matches perfectly with the room’s essence, while the HORUS Irregular Suspension Light adds a touch of nature’s fierceness.

contemporary hallway designs with blue velvet chair

A contemporary hallway design means colours and textures join forces to create a unique and rare experience. In this hallway, the design speaks for itself: the comfort of the INCA Armchair matches with the golden touches of the MANUKA Side Table and SYRAD Wall light.

contemporary hallway design with corner sofa

A unique contemporary hallway with a modern touch – the FITZROY Sofa stands out from the rest of the interior due to its unique and so lovely design.

Contemporary hallway design

Colours rule this contemporary hallway design. A room where the soft pink in the NUI Stools and warm green in the background mixed with the marble and golden details of the KOI Dining Table create the most unique interior.

Contemporary Hallway design in brown tones

This contemporary hallway design portrays the softness of neutral tones and their delicacy. The KUMI I Mirror is proof of that, especially when together with the SHINTO Console.

contemporary hallway design in brown tones

A contemporary hallway with sophistication at its best. The warm tones of the blue of the rug highlight the luxury KOI Dining Table and the HORUS Irregular Suspension Light.

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