CAY Collection: A Golden Reflection of Sophistication

In this article, we will explore our Cay Collection, our iconic golden collection. These elements are known for their casted brass, a homage to nature’s ultimate scream. Let’s uncover this sophisticated collection.

CAY Collection – inspiration

cay collection inspired by volcanos

The main inspiration for the CAY Collection is the grandiosity and power of a volcano eruption. A raw materialization of this unique moment, especially the moment as lava flows after the moment of the outbreak.

Cay Collection

CAY Collection is recognised for its casted golden brass, in a unique shape and form. This is a charismatic collection that fulfils any interior easily with its simple and elegant silhouette, which stands out among other elements.

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Cay collection modern side table

The fine and elegant design of the CAY Side table brings light to this modern reading corner. An elegant element that is still filled with strength. With a tabletop in bronze glass and a base in casted brass, this modern side table embodies the unique moment of nature scream.

cay collection golden side table

cay collection modern console

CAY Console is the majestic version of the CAY Side Table, with the same amount of glamour. It is sure this element becomes the centre of attention in any interior it is in, and it does not deserve any less.

cay collection console

cay collection rectangular mirror

One of the most iconic elements of this collection is our CAY Mirrors. In different shapes, these mirrors are more than a simple reflection; they reflect a golden state of living, a sophisticated one. The CAY Rectangular Mirror has a very opulent design, and it fills any wall easily.

cay collection round mirror

In a homage to nature’s strength but in a more regular fit: the CAY Round Mirror symbolises the power of the CAY Collection but has a design that looks like the perfect fit almost everywhere.

cay collection square mirror

The CAY Square Mirror, the last product of this iconic collection. This square mirror is molded in casted brass and has a flat mirror, feeling an reflecting the urban life of any modern family.

cay collection modern square mirror

cay collection modern wall light

But such grandisioty also deserves to be lighting the walls: the CAY Wall Light has the same power as the rest of the collection but with a great difference, its small size and yet so great function.

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