Best interior designers in Japan

Japan is known as one of the world’s largest design markets, mainly because of the innovation factor that it has brought to the design market. Japan is a multicultural place, unique in many ways, including its safety, cleanliness, and customer service. So, today, let’s look at the top 10 Best Interior Designers in Japan and their designs.

Japan Interior Design

First things first, what characterises Japan’s Interior Design? Minimalist principles, clean lines, and natural materials are central to modern Japanese interior design. Modern Japanese-style rooms feature simple, often low-profile furniture, blank walls, and a neutral colour palette. Less is more in modern Japanese-style homes.

Best Interior Designers in Japan


Best interior designers in Japan SANAA
Serpentine Gallery Pavillion 2009, designed by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA

SANAA is a Tokyo-based architectural firm. Architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa founded the studio in 1995 and were awarded the Pritzker Prize in 2010. SANAA is one of the most influential Japanese architecture studios today. Their architecture is unmistakable; they have successfully adapted that oriental style to western tastes, defining a new architectural language that, above all, plays with light and perception. Among their most iconic projects is the glass pavilion at the Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio; the new museum of contemporary art in New York; the Rolex learning centre at the EPFL in Lausanne; the serpentine pavilion in London; the Christian Dior building in Omotesando, Tokyo, among many others.

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Ryoji Iedokoro

Best interior designers in Japan Ryoji Iedokoro
Nikunotoriko, by Ryoji Iedokoro

Ryoji Iedokoro works hard at the office to help people understand the importance of architecture through his unique and innovative designs. By combining everyday objects and new approaches, the studio elevates the spaces that are central to our daily lives to a whole new level. Iedokoro believes that architecture is an important part of every society and community because it has the power to shape our perceptions and enrich every human life. Their amazing design projects portfolio was based on the engagement relationship with their clients, giving them the opportunity to meet and discuss everything about their design goals.

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Koichi Futatsumata

Best interior designers in Japan Koichi Futatsumata
White Dormitory for Il Vento, by Koichi Futatsumata

Koichi Futatsumata was born in the Japanese city of Kagoshima. Futatsumata started his incredible professional career as an interior designer after graduating from Kyushu Industrial University’s Department of Engineering and Architecture. Futatsumata’s work has been shown at numerous exhibitions both domestically and internationally as a result of his amazing design solutions in the areas of space, architecture, and furniture. Futatsumata founded Koichi Futatsumata Studio in 2013, where he expanded his product design practice.

Kanji Ueki – Casappo & Associates

Best interior designers in Japan Kanji Ueki - Casappo & Associates
Photo “Apple Store” Washington DC (2001)

Kanji Ueki, Interior Designer and Representative Director of Casappo & Associates, was born in Tokyo in 1945. Ueki moved to Italy after graduating from Keio University in Tokyo, where he worked at the RINASCENTE Department Design section in Milan. In 1971, he began working for Aldo Jacober Architect Studio in Milan, but in 1975 he returned to his homeland and founded the prestigious design firm Casappo & Associates in Tokyo. His remarkably simple yet striking design style transcends the Asian minimalist vibe that the majority of clients seek. Among the many awards the designer has received over the years, the 2003 Industrial Design Excellence Award for his work on an Apple Store stands out.

Hashimoto Yukio

Best interior designers in japan Hashimoto Yukio
SUMITOMO FORESTRY Komazawa Park Model House by Hashimoto Yukio

Hashimoto Yukio’s project portfolio includes everything from private restaurants, offices, and retail and commercial spaces, to hospitality, restaurants, cafes, clinics, and banquets. His design philosophy emphasises ambience rather than material, allowing him to create timeless and harmonious yet quite minimalistic interiors in which the finest details are brought to our attention by a subtle play of light.

Gwenael Nicolas – CURIOSITY

Best interior designers in Japan Gwenael Nicolas - CURIOSITY
Versace store in Miami by Gwenael Nicolas – CURIOSITY

Gwenael Nicolas, a French designer, founded CURIOSITY, a multidisciplinary studio based in Tokyo. From bespoke interior design projects to architecture and product design, the studio is constantly redefining the boundaries of design, and not just in a theoretical sense. They work with a diverse range of companies and clients to develop new products, new materials, and new design identities.


Best interior designers in Japan FHAMS
Musee Yotsuike by FHAMS

FHAMS, based in Kyoto, is a fantastic design team that has worked on a wide range of project types and scales, including interior design, hotels, and retail shops. Ryotaro Ando’s design firm, founded in 2000, proposes designs that take into account a variety of factors, including contextual and legal conditions, context, climate, and concerns. The FHAMS design team is dedicated to pursuing the highest quality and most exclusive designs.

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Atsushi Kitagawara

Best interior designers in Japan Atsushi Kitagawara
Osaka Gakuin University Senior High School by Atsushi Kitagawara Architects

Atsushi Kitagawara Architects is a Japanese firm with offices in Tokyo and Berlin. Atsushi Kitagawara, the company’s director and chief architect, founded it in 1982. Over the years, the office has completed a wide range of projects and received numerous awards both in Japan and abroad.

Arata Isozaki

Best interior designers in Japan Arata Isozaki
Qatar National Convention Center 2004-2011 Doha, Qatar by Arata Isozaki

Arata Isozaki (1931) is regarded as one of the masters of contemporary Japanese architecture. He is an architect, urban planner, and architectural theorist. Arata is a Japanese architect, designer, and theorist who was born in Oita on July 23, 1931. His work spans more than a half-century and has transcended thought, art, design, music, film, theatre, and, of course, architecture, raising questions that span multiple ages and disciplines.

Aoyama Nomura Design

Best interior designers in Japan Aoyama Nomura Design
Brillia Tower, by Aoyama Nomura Design

Aoyama Nomura Design (A.N.D.) is a magnificent, high-end interior, architectural, and product design firm. This design firm is regarded as one of Japan’s most amazing and innovative groups of designers, builders, and operators. This company has a team of experts and a large number of award-winning interiors for commercial, hotel, office, restaurant, retail, exhibition, and residential projects in Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, led by creative director Ryu Kosaka. Their design identity emphasises innovation, creativity, and uniqueness while faithfully reflecting the client’s vision.

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