How-to Guide for a Modern Home with Unique Consoles

Creating a modern home can be difficult, but in today’s article, we will explore step by step how you can achieve it. One of the most known elements to help make sense of a room is console tables. A console table is a piece of accent furniture that is typically found in a living room, family room, or hallway. It’s a fantastic spot for a vase of flowers, photos, and other small touches that make a house seem like home. Pairing the console table with a mirror, especially in a tiny room or narrow hallway, can make the area feel larger.

How-to Guide for a Modern Home

Choose the ideal Console

When thinking of your perfect home, you can think is difficult to make everything make sense. But, a few easy guidelines can assist you in determining which sort of console table will best fit your needs and put the finishing touch to your decor.

#1 Choose a type

There are different styles and dynamics flowing in interior design: Transitional, Modern, Contemporary, Country, Eclectic… In order to find and create your ideal modern home, you must take into consideration that each one of the styles fits you best. Then, you can make sure the unique console design you choose follows that path. In this entryway, the CASSIS Console is the centre of attention for its contemporary style of it. It adds practicability and elegance.

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On the other hand, if you are dealing with a larger space like this long hallway, you may choose a more discrete but still impressive console table. The CAY Console and its unique design and golden finishes stand out since it takes the central spot in the picture. A modern home with a luxurious take that does not loose its elegance, at all.

#2 Choose the material

When choosing your unique console design, take into consideration the use you are going to do of it. In this entryway, the ARDARA Console stands out due to its unique design and beautiful finish. This stylish console table will provide a unique touch to any interior design with its gold leaf finish and gloss varnish. This is one of BRABBU’s most known products, and the reasons why are seen: this is an absolutely astonishing statement piece to incorporate into your modern home interior.

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But if gold is not your preference, you can also navigate in darker tones. In this hallway design, the BRYCE Faux Marble Console is the centre of attention, and its name says it all. With a completely different touch, the faux marble in black and whites, the modern home design is immediately uplifted.

#3 Make it functional

In a modern home, the keyword is functionality. You can’t choose a modern console table and not think of how it is going to perform on the interior. But this does not mean its design should be lifeless. Take a look at the KOI Console: it has a unique and subtle design, reminiscing nature and culture, paying a tribute to it, but it is at the same time a functional space where you can leave things and decorate even more space.

The use you give to the console is what really matters in creating your modern home. Like in this marble-floored hallway design, where the SHINTO I Console puts a sober touch, contrasting with all the white and gold. The true trick is to know how to make the most of the space you have, and we for sure hope this article has helped you to know a little but more about the subject.

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