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Natalia Neverko Design, Inc. is a high-end, full-service architectural interior and interior design firm with European characteristics that creates designs that are considerate of the local environment. For more than ten years, they have been delivering distinctive, cutting-edge, high-end exterior and interior design that is especially suited to each client’s personality and demands.

Natalia Neverko Design Values

Natalia Neverko Design goal is to make each client’s vision a wholly original reality. They make every attempt to establish a stunning design concept that is ageless to produce aesthetically pleasing and useful products that display their clients’ unique tastes, preferences, and personalities.

Modern, contemporary, and eclectic state-of-the-art designs that are both inventive and useful as well as visually beautiful are created by their experienced team of highly trained designers, craftsmen, and decorators who work in a range of styles. Modern components and specially created lighting and furniture are used to complete their solutions.

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Natalia Neverko Design Founder

Natalia Neverko is the founder and principal designer of Natalia Neverko Design, Inc. When Natalia was ten years old, she decided to pursue a career as an architect and interior designer. She researched sculpture, painting, and art history. She has a bachelor’s degree in architecture and has worked as an intern for various architectural firms in Finland and Poland.

Her work now spans a wide range of high-rise condominium, low-rise residential, hospitality, commercial, all-inclusive resort, and private luxury residential projects in the US, the Caribbean, and internationally during the past 15 years. The International Architectural and Interior Design Competition “TULIKIVI” in Helsinki, Finland, recognized Natalia Neverko with an award.

Natalia Neverko Design Projects


Natalia Neverko Design Project: Dining Room with Purple furniture details
Natalia Neverko Design Project: Bedroom with grey tones
Natalia Neverko Design Project: Living room with pastel tones and a beautiful landscape
Inspired by the look
Inspired by the look: Modern and colourful, a modern classic living room set should thrive to become the most welcoming division in a house, considering its primary function which is to be inviting to all the guests and family members that might surface. Bolder choices of colours and hues may be within the realm of possibilities whenever one is trying to achieve this cheerful and eclectic aesthetic.
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Natalia Neverko Design Project: white tones living room with a dining area
Natalia Neverko Design Project: Bedroom with white tones
Natalia Neverko Design Project: white tones living room with a dining area
Inspired by the Look
Inspired by the look A clean, sleek, and tidy kitchen can make or break your house and overall productivity. A well-organized kitchen has more than simply an aesthetic impact; it may also assist to calm the mind. Nature was a strong inspiration for the creative process of decorating this lovely interior.


Natalia Neverko Design Project: Modern living room with wood elements
Natalia Neverko Design Project: Modern living room and kitchen with wood elements
Natalia Neverko Design Project: Modern dining room with marble details

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