Marco Piva Luxury Homes Projects

Marco Piva is the founder of Studio Marco Piva. The designer is an innovator, fully committed to creating unique designs pervaded by stylistic freedom.


Studio Marco Piva

More than an architectural firm, Studio Marco Piva is an academy of sciences where, with methodical rigor, projects on different scales are confronted. The success of the company is undeniable since they have already collected an uncountable number of recognizable awards.

Marco Piva Luxury Homes Projects

Studio Marco Piva Team

The firm is currently composed of a hundred collaborators, all extremely well-prepared and distributed between the main office in Milan, the second office in shanghai and in the many sites around the world.

Marco Piva Luxury Homes Projects

Today we reunited the best Marco Piva Luxury Homes Projects to let you amazed.

1- Apartment at Schwarzwald Tower

Marco Piva Luxury Homes Projects, outstanding luxurious Dining Room at Schwarzwald Tower

The design concept of the apartments located within Shanghai’s prestigious Schwarzwald Tower stems from a strong symbolic reference to the cultural roots of the place: the colors of the earth, specifically the reference to the terracotta army. The sculptures are reimagined in a modern fashion in the interior design project managed by Studio Marco Piva, resulting in two contrasting interpretations that establish the ambiance of the flats.


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2- Private Apartment Citylife

Marco Piva Luxury Homes Projects, Citylife Modern Dining Room

The goal was to develop a sophisticated elegance for any space that is basic and utilitarian, yet rich in details that accentuate the exclusivity and refinement of the whole concept. A rigorous chromatic investigation was conducted, with the goal of picking modern but non-intrusive colors: a trend-color spectrum that will not go out of style with the passage of time.

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3- Private Villa at Beverly Hills

Marco Piva Luxury Homes Projects, Sophisticated Bedroom at a Beverly Hills Apartment

This villa’s one-of-a-kind project is an interior design project by Studio Marco Piva that attempts to generate an utterly “wow” impact. The powerful architecture will be accentuated by the distinct interior character: an expression of clean geometry and materials where volumes, forms, and textures are combined together to create an inventive and modern space.

4- Private Villa at Beverly Hills

Marco Piva Luxury Homes Projects, Luxurious modern bedroom at a Beverlly Hills Apartment

The initial stage of the fit-out is based on a modern and clean blend of finishes and materials, which creates a subtle contrast but also a harmony of the entire.


5- Private Villa at Como Lake

Marco Piva Luxury Homes Projects, Modern Minimalist Living Room near Como Lake

The concept design was created with a modern look in mind. The design’s goal is to achieve harmony between the dwelling and the environment.

Marco Piva Luxury Homes Projects

6- Private Villa at Tirana

Marco Piva Luxury Homes Projects, Mid Century Modern Living Room at Tirana

The fundamental goal has been to create a house designed for family togetherness, a location where room separation is minimal to promote life together. The end outcome of the project is an exquisite and sophisticated design style.

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7- Tonino Lamborghini Apartments

Marco Piva Luxury Homes Projects, luxury bedroom at Tonino Lamborghini Apartments

Nature’s form and colors are represented in the materials and textures selected, such as richly adorned stones, strong vertical lines reminiscent of the nearby natural reserve’s bamboo canes, and circular items such as mirrors, lights, and tables reminiscent of traditional Chinese umbrellas. A beautiful fusion of Chinese culture with Italian heritage for an aesthetic, functional, and emotional outcome.


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