Decor your home with these new contemporary rugs

The seasons are changing, and so is your need to update your home decor and uplift it. Today, we gathered some of the ultimate new contemporary rugs that will transform any interior into an expensive design. This is the brand new collection of products of Rug’Society, and it promises to amaze you.

New Contemporary Rugs

By Rug’Society

Rug’Society has introduced some new rug patterns that will complement one’s luxury home décor in a practical and opulent way. Continue reading to learn more about these gorgeous new goods.

deco design with new contemporary ugs

With the new multicoloured version of the DÊCO RUG, you can create a spectacular elegant modern hallway décor. A unique and uneven rug that adds a great sense of character to this interior design while also offering a feeling of luxury and enjoyment.

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new contemporary rugs in a modern home design

Because they ooze luxury, modern classic interiors are fantastic hallway decorating ideas, and the gold and silver ornaments make the place look more sumptuous. The REDLEH is a beautiful classic rug with silver and neutral tones that lends elegance to any space. In both its long runner and square shapes, this rug exudes grandeur and richness.

modern faux marble console matches with new contemporary rugs

Bryce Canyon is a massive natural amphitheatre formed by erosion on the Paunsaugnt Plateau. The BRYCE Faux II Console pays homage to this plateau with its distinctive faux-marble painting pattern – so this console is the ideal matching to the new contemporary rugs.

modern long runner new contemporary rugs

A hallway runner rug with an abstract design, like the BLANC INK, is ideal for long and narrow hallways. It easily personalises the room and adds elegance with its black and white colour palette. The beauty of black and white is that it creates a timeless look that will never go out of style. As soon as your visitors walk in, this beautiful hallway carpeting will become the focal point of the room.

modern new contemporary rugs with long runner

The elegant design of the HERON RUG is inspired by the same-named bird, which signifies patience and good fortune. The deeper tones of the backdrop contrast beautifully with the lighter bird motif. This stunning hallway décor is brought to life by the HORUS IRREGULAR LIGHT.

modern green hallway with long runner

Given that hallways are one of the busiest areas of your home, the rug you choose should be both attractive and durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. The magnificent GOLDEN BUGS II RUG not only has a lovely design with neutral colours but it is also composed of long-lasting materials such as botanical silk that will last for years.

same new contemporary rugs but in a different perspective

The flooring in this hallway is styled with the gorgeous GOLDEN BUGS SQUARE RUG. A nature-inspired rug with unrivalled creativity. This majestic interior is drenched in golden tones and is an excellent example of opulent interior design – but the true ally is the soothing and elegant design of the NIKU Pendant Light.

modern golden suspension light

The NIKU Pendant Light is unique in contemporary lighting because of the beauty of its corals. This trendy pendant lamp, with a framework in gold-plated brass, will add exoticism to any home design.

modern hallway with new contemporary rugs

The INKBLIND I RUG is an excellent example of using street art in home design. This stunning hallway beautifully displays urban life. Inkblind is a hand-tufted botanical silk rug that represents the power of art in all of its forms.

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