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Fenton Whelan has a proven track record of luxury interior design developments in London, but also around the world. As a result, he has comprehensive knowledge of interior design and infuses each project with meticulous attention to every detail. Fenton Whelan is well regarded as an interior designer who can handle difficult tasks. His property development business secures investment, rigorous development management, marketing and exquisite design all in one.

Fenton Whelan x BRABBU

BRABBU is proud to announce it is showcased in some of Fenton Whelan designs. The merge between the modern look of the designer and the fierce products of BRABBU can only create amazing interiors.

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Terrace House, Notting Hill

Fenton Whelan, along with James Van den Heule and Sanjay Sharma, founded the company in 2020. With the same creative goal, the organisation brings together all of its broad knowledge in finance, interior design, and project management.

fenton whelan designs

One of its projects, the Terrace House in Notting Hill, London, features the magnificent MALAY armchairs. These upholstered in green velvet armchairs add so much sophistication and elegance to this modern interior.

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fenton whelan designs malay armchair

Fenton Whelan Limited is a Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction company based in the United Kingdom. Fenton Whelan employs people at all of its locations. The Fenton Whelan corporate family consists of six entities.

fenton whelan designs

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fenton whelan designs oreas sofa

Apartment in Knightsbridge

As a transaction and relationship creator, Fenton Whelan generates ideas, brings partners, seeks possibilities, negotiates deals, and develops a funding plan in addition to project architecture. The company evaluates the feasibility of the site, develops a business plan, and picks the project team.

fenton whelan designs

The amazing MALAY two-seat Sofas are also in the big picture of another project of this designer. This sofa has a very touchy feel-like essence, all due to its velvet upholstery in this neutral tone, perfect for a bedroom design.

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Fenton Whelan provides pre-construction, budgetary and programme optimization, site supervision, general contracting, health, safety, and environmental compliance services.

fenton whelan designs

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