“Humans are Nature”: The Regenerative Design by 7Group

7group has more than twenty years of experience in helping US American builders, designers, architects, and owners building environment-friendly and sustainable buildings. Together with their clients and colleagues, 7group has been imagining a different way to understand humans and the natural world around us in a way to build a better environment for all. They are stepping into a new era of regenerative work through learning, community, design, and story.

The natural world is the larger sacred community to which we belong. To be alienated from this community is to become destitute in all that makes us human. To damage this community is to diminish our own existence. – Thomas Berry

7group started as a collaboration between close friends which turned into a business. They share a vocation and use their individual experience with green building – environment-friendly – as an instrument to help develop people’s capacity to regenerate life through building.

The firm has worked on some of the greenest constructions projects in the world, however doing it alone is not enough. They see to use each unique project’s design and construction process as an instrument to affect the larger living systems in which the group may be taking part.

I tell architects, your project is not the project. Your project is the health of the ecosystem. Why else do we do green buildings? – Bill Reed

7group believe that everyone wants to make, and to leave, a positive impact on the world. They believe humans need to remember their contributory role as co-evolutionary participants in the council of beings, nurturing and contributing to the health of all life on the planet.

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They develop regenerative thinking by engaging clients in the regenerative process that helps building their capacities and capabilities and make them real by bridging frameworks come to life. They examine how to integrate site parameters, solar orientation, storm water systems, thermal envelope, lighting, water, window performance, heating and cooling systems, air distribution and ventilation in a such a way that all these systems are working together as those living in an organism.

Spillian in Mist
Spillian in Mist

Integrative design demands a closer interaction among the owner’s representatives, architects, and engineers while they – 7group – work together from the earliest design phase to evaluate measures that can produce overall savings, higher performance, and environmental benefits.

For 7group, all projects have the potential to incorporate the most advanced green design building techniques and systems. Part of their process is to find a balance between economic, cultural and ecological areas of sustainability that will meet the clients’ objectives, while still allowing for future adaptation of new technologies and interactions with the community.

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The regenerative whole-systems approach is facing each particular place as alive, unique and evolving. The cultural environment – the community – is a living system composed of the many complex cultural and natural systems that form a web of mutual support.

Humans are Nature
Humans are Nature

Regeneration is rooted in the belief that healthy living systems have the capacity to continually generate new sources of life for and within themselves and their environment – humans also have a role in their continuity viability and vitality.

Regenerative Design is a practice for reversing the systemic decline in living systems and creating a basis for self-renewing socio-ecological vitality. Regenerative Development is a continuous process that builds the capacity, capability, and will of stakeholders to serve as co-designers and active participants in the continual evolutionary transformation of their unique place.

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By working in a Regenerative Development and Design, the 7group awakens a deep and caring sense of place and meaning that serves as a source for the new community spirit and individual will that makes people really care about.

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