5 Natural Inspiration Objects to Have for the Summer 2019

With the summer arriving, it is time to reinterpret its interior design for the next year. This year, the color Living Coral is dominating according to the reference Pantone. Pink is everywhere, on furniture, walls, floor, roof, pink dominate. However, Pink is not only a feminine color, but it is also really fresh and springy. Except for pink, the natural patterns are also really present this season. Inspired by plants and animals, it is in the direction of the nature that the designer looked to create ultra-trendy pieces. Nature is the principal inspiration of the year, as the materials show it: a lot of wood, velvet, metals. Let’s take the time to discover some of the pieces that will compose a trendy interior for 2019-2020.



The FitzRoy Sofa

The Fitzroy sofa is a must to have this year. Colored with the Pantone color of the year, Living Coral, the FitzRoy take the shape of the famous Patagonian mountain on its back. The shape is original and the design of this small jewel will make a lot of impression in the corner of a living room. The fabrics covering it are velvet and the feet, shaped as wooden log are made of brass.


The Maya Armchair

It is obviously inspired by the Maya civilization that this armchair was created. We can find it a bit everywhere, at the Victor Hugo Hotel or the Providence hotel in Paris, but also in some wealthy russian appartments. It gives instantly a touch of grace and originality to an interior. The back of that armchair is similar to the crown that was wearing the Maya leaders and it gives an incomparable comfort.


The Sequoia Table

The Sequoia table is a tribute to the tallest tree of the world. This giant from California has made the proudness of its inhabitant and can live during entire centuries. Therefore, the Sequoia table is representing the trunk of the famous giant and is made of walnut leaves and aged brass. The effect is stunning, because of the originality of the product but also by the imposing presence that it gives to a living room.

The Koi Rug

The Koi Carp in Japan in a symbol of love and virility, consequently, it is normal that a part of the collection was dedicated to it. This rug is representing the scales of the famous fish and give a tribute to the Japanese culture. Covering the floor of a living room with its beige, this carpet give directly a peacefull impression in the room it take place.

The Cay Mirror


The Cay is a Mexican volcano particularly violent. Fron this lava flowing down and then getting solid, the mirror Cay gets its birth. Surrounded by brass, the mirror is really giving the impression to be stuck inside lava during an eruption. It will give a savage touch to the inside of a room such as movement and will make your interior an unic place.



Here you discovered how to make of your interior stunning in only some pieces. A mirror, a sofa, or a table, this year, everything is directed to nature and wild inspiration.