Liveable glamour with Lisa Gilmore Design

Liveable GlamourWhere unique personalities are captured for one-of-a-kind spaces and functional everyday glamour. This is the motto of Lisa Gilmore Design, one of the most famous in Florida. Let’s discover more about her inspiration, work, and eccentric way of living.

Lisa Gilmore Design

About Lisa Gilmore

Lisa Gilmore is the founder and driving force behind Lisa Gilmore Design. Lisa has always described her style as “liveable glamour.” But glamour isn’t always velvet and chandeliers. Livingable glamour is beautiful, functional, and accessible to everyone, including those with children or pets. A home with the liveable glamour approach inspires stories and allows its owners to be content and feel their best.

lisa gilmore design

Above all, Lisa is an artist; she finds inspiration everywhere, whether biking around town, travelling to cool, new places, or browsing fashion boutiques. Lisa has also developed a strong interest in assisting other creative business owners in understanding that it is normal to make mistakes and learn along the way. Her story, which has been featured on numerous podcasts including SUCCESS Stories, has helped many other entrepreneurs build stronger businesses.

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lisa gilmore

Lisa has a degree in interior design and has worked at top design firms in central Florida and Chicago before founding LG. Architectural Digest, Florida Design, and Aspire Magazine have all featured her work. Lisa is a bi-coastal resident of both Florida and Vancouver, BC.

Lisa Gilmore Design

Lisa Gilmore Design believes in the concept of Liveable Glamour. They understand that your space should reflect your distinct personality and way of life. Lisa Gilmore Design captures your interior voice and uses it to make your life easier. They provide design services to individuals and luxury builders both nationally and internationally.

lisa gilmore

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Kitchens are one of the most fun spaces for the Lisa Gilmore Design team to design because they are often the most used room in a home. And we know that when we create a more beautiful and functional space for our clients, it changes the way they have family meals, entertain, and celebrate holidays.

Lisa Gilmore knew the clients, who are avid travellers, wanted the space to have a Caribbean feel without using traditional blues and greens. And, because this was a new home build, the room was a blank canvas. Blank canvases put a designer’s abilities to the test; they allow us to be true artists and imagine without boundaries. And that’s how this dining room was created.

lisa gilmore
A Neutral, Caribbean-Inspired Dining Space by Lisa Gilmore

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