New Suspension Lights for the Dining Room

Were you looking for new suspension lights designs for your dining room? Then, you found the right article. Lighting is, undoubtedly, one of the most essential features of your home interior design. Light does not merely light up a space, it also gives a sense of direction and different touch to everything inside it. Choosing the right lighting design is crucial to create the most perfect interior. Let’s take a look at these absolutely marvellous new suspension lights.

New Suspension Lights

The dining room is a highly functional space, that serves mostly the purpose of eating; but, this space can be a space for so much more. After a long and stressful day at the office, having a moment to unwind and relax togheter with friends and family is necessary for our well-being. So, do you want to come home to a lifeless space where eating will be just that? Or do you want to create the full experience and enjoy this moment embebed along the most exquisite products?

NAICCA Chandelier os the perfect addition to this type of conceptual dining room example. This new suspension light design with aged brushed brass structure and the Quartz crystal diffuser has all it takes: a modern take on a luxurious look, giving light, sophsitication and elegance to any room, but especially the dining area.

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This dining room is one of our top examples of how a modern classic style can create such an aesthetic pleasure – a modern dining room with such a bold and different colour, it really give us to think and put everyting into perspective. Sometimes, challenge the ordinary and ususal is the right way to create an interior that completely changes everything and put everyone in awe.

KOBEN is the ideal new suspension light for this type of dining room concept. With a structure that features details in brushed copper, brushed brass and aged brass, the unique and rare design of this new and amazing suspension light turns itself into so much more than just a mere light: it is a concept of new lighting and new design.

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This contemporary dining room proves that you need to choose the right elements to create the ideal final look. One missing element and this dining area wouldn’t be as spectacular as it comes to be. The mixture of colours, textures and products is just astonishing. But what really makes all the difference is the HORUS irregular Suspension Light with its unique and bright design, resembling nature and its strength.

HORUS is the absolute splendour of nature. With a completely out-of-the-ordinary design, this new suspension light challenges the normal lighting designs and shows they can go beyond the usual. With a structure in matte black lacquered brass and diffusers in crackle glass, this suspension light promises to be a reference in the world of modern lighting design.

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