Interview with Shabnam Gupta – A narrator of and for design

Our pleasure to share our latest and exclusive interview with Shabnam Gupta – A designer by profession, a thinker by habit, and an inventor by choice. Shabnam, an award-winning interior designer, began small with big dreams in mind. But clarity has always been her strong suit. Her incredible body of work, which includes interiors, styling, and decor for celebrity homes, popular restaurant chains, and even stand-out individual spaces, speaks for itself after a spectacular journey. And it says of the visual delights she has created, the uniqueness that shines through her design, and her determination to tell timeless stories one exclusive and artistically endowed space at a time. Let’s discover more about one of the most prestigious designers from India.

Exclusive Interview with Shabnam Gupta

Could you tell us about your journey as an interior designer and what inspired you personally to pursue this career path?

I always had a penchant for doing things out of the ordinary, whether it was painting my pink room black when I was 16, my choice of clothes or even the kind of spaces I liked… one thing led to another and I found my calling in interior design. There’s been no looking back since then.

shabnam gupta
Shabnam Gupta

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On your website, it is said that Shabnam Gupta is “A designer by profession, a thinker by habit, and an inventor by choice”. How so?

While I don’t need to elaborate on the obvious about being a designer by profession, I have always been a thinker as my mind is in a state of perpetual stimulation by the things I see around me. I am doodling, drawing, and sketching while I go about my day, putting all my thoughts on paper albeit in non-conventional ways. I call myself an inventor by choice because I like to reinvent the wheel and do things that are unexpected.

shabnam gupta
Shabnam Gupta

Why and when did you decide to create your own studio?

I started my studio in 2003, relatively fresh off the block. My work is very different and I knew from the beginning that to do what I want & how I want, I needed to be independent thankfully the bets seem to have paid off.

shabnam gupta
Shabnam Gupta

What is the main goal and motto of The Orange Lane?

Everyone at the studio is in sync with our work philosophy. We like to deep dive into our client’s minds to deliver the designs they dreamed of. Our design solutions are tailor-made for each member of the family, there is no cookie-cutter approach to follow.

shabnam gupta
Shabnam Gupta

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am inspired by things around me, the very mundane ones too. And of course, by all of God’s creations, I am deeply inspired by nature – the colour of the sea, the shape of the leaves and so much more.

Shabnam Gupta is known as a flower child at heart and has always found peace in the unusual and a method to the madness of passionate design. She attributes her unique way of thinking and unabashed creativity to her muse, Mother Nature.

shabnam gupta
A CRAFTED HOME IN DELHI – Shabnam Gupta The Orange Lane

Would you say there is one steady design style that can be found in your projects? Which one?

The most identifiable part of our design style is the use of bold colours.

Can you tell us about a project you have worked on that has impacted your team? Which one was it and why?

We learnt a lot from a project we executed in Alibaug, it was a farmhouse set of a very massive parcel of land for a reputed industrialist. We had never worked on such a scale before, and we had a lot of learning to take home from this project.

HOUSE BY THE SEA – Shabnam Gupta The Orange Lane

Last, what is the best advice you can give to any aspiring interior designer or architect?

Cliche but true – there is no alternative to hard work.

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