Interior Design Trends 2023 – What You have to Know

What’s trendy speaks to our aesthetic sensibilities and how we want to live. Trends frequently indicate a consistent shift toward a new way of life. However, regardless of how practical the interior design trends 2023 are, they will satisfy even the most ardent aesthetes. As a result, we can anticipate what’s new and exciting with each passing day. And in 2023, we can expect to see interior design trends that excite us with the unknown. Let’s look at what 2023 holds for us regarding interior design.

Interior Design Trends 2023

1 Golden Tones

Golden interior interior design trends 2023

This pleasantly warm and flaxen hue, shimmering like sunsets, is elevating interiors with a touch of pure luxe. Golden is the easiest way to create a spectacle within your interior. It stands out at the eye and gives the interior a different touch.

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2 Maximise Natural light

interior design trends 2023 natural light

The more we learn about what improves human performance, the more we’ll see those elements in interiors – wherever possible. One aspect emphasised in current and upcoming designs is natural light. With large, bare windows, whites, and reflective surfaces, there’s a renewed emphasis on maximising natural light. It gives space for all the elements in the interior to shine.

3 Spotlight Alcoves

interior design trends 2023 alcove

Since the Renaissance, niches and alcoves have been ideal for displaying artwork, particularly sculptures. However, as the centuries passed, these spaces became dust collectors. It’s not surprising that most modern-era buildings don’t have them, but times are changing. These distinctive architectural features are regaining popularity today. Furthermore, alcoves and niches can be used for more than just displaying pretty décor. They become functional corners. They can save space, add visual interest, or even create a zen nook.

4 Wall Lights in the centre stage

interior design trends 2023 wall lights

Wall lights are becoming more sculptural, attention-grabbing, sensational, and stellar. These elements are being built as true works of art, and by 2023, they will be taking centre stage in each of one’s interiors.

5 Nature inspiration

interior design isnpiration 2023

Interiors are moving away from colours that feel too artificial as the green design grows in popularity. Colours are becoming more gentle and easy on the eyes. As a result, interiors blend seamlessly with their surroundings. Interior design trends 2023 and beyond will almost certainly include more outdoor-indoor blends.

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6. Art Deco Encore

interior design trends 2023

An industry favourite is revisiting beloved styles from the past. And, as interiors move away from the absoluteness of minimalism, there is a renewed interest in more decorative styles such as Art Deco. However, while hyper-maximalism may not be on the horizon just yet, ornate details are on the rise. Art Deco’s brighter colours, geometric patterns, and symmetry are expected to supplant previous interior design trends.

7 Workplace with Style

interior design trends 2023 office inspiration

The workplace has been redefined, whether at home or in an office. However, it is only recently that these spaces have seen highly personalised designs. Elements that make work more comfortable may be included in the office. The workspace gets a happy makeover, from furniture design to layout to indoor turf, to increase its use and employee productivity. And, if you work from home, this includes customising the interior to your exact specifications.

8 A memoir of the past

modern interior design interior design trends 2023

Unlike most, interior design can provide comfort and cosiness. It can also evoke feelings of nostalgia. Similarly, the 2023 interior design and colour trends will draw on nostalgia to create a pleasant, quaint atmosphere. Interiors will benefit from pastoral patterns and bucolic artwork.

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