Discover Five High-end Interior Styles with TK Interiors

TK Interiors closely monitors the international interior world’s evolutions and revolutions. Based on these developments, this firm defined five styles, which are constantly updating – so explore this article and find out more about them.

TK Interiors – About

TK interiors began in Kaatsheuvel in 1998 as ‘Keukenhuys de Tweede Kamer.‘ They evolved into TKI – Tweede Kamer Interiors -, high-end interior specialists who care for all your internal wishes over the next two decades. TKI can supply your entire interior, including the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

tk interiors
TK Interiors

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First Style – Luxurious, comfortable and layered

Rich, layered, and full of intriguing details. This look is defined by luxury, comfort, and unexpected texture and material combinations. Every day, create a luxurious interior that feels like a hotel suite.

TK interiors modern high end design
TK Interiors

The combination of high-gloss and marble surfaces lends a subtle elegance to this luxurious interior style. These can be paired with bronze accents and high-quality woods like walnut. TK interiors work with layers of materials and textures to create a luxurious style for an even more striking result. This understated design includes a matching exclusive kitchen to round out the entire interior.

TK interiors modern interior
TK interiors

Second Style – Modern, Classic and Elegant

Elegant understatement and timeless design translated into modern comfort. This is a modern classic interior design. A subtle fusion of past and present in which new textures and classic elements effortlessly coexist.

TK interiors modern living room
TK Interiors

The modern-classic detailing of this style includes satin finishes, premium woods (such as ebony and coromandel), symmetrical marble, and accent ceramics. When you choose a modern classic interior, you can expect contrasting colours and subtle shadow effects. This style is timeless and demonstrates true character in an elegant and open manner.

TK interiors modern interior
TK interior

Third Style – Natural, attractive and warm

Natural elements combined with tough materials. This results in a high-end natural interior. With warmth and honesty, create a serene, homely atmosphere in your interior. Consider the use of untreated wood, pure concrete, thick beams, and traditional tiles to create a modern, warm interior.

modern interior

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TK Interiors achieve a tough look by contrasting materials and textures, both rough and polished. Elements include weathered wood, raw concrete, blue steel, stainless steel, and pottery. Realizing together is the ideal tough, yet homely style you seek. Creating a natural interior is all about finding the right balance of challenging, interesting, and tranquil.

modern interior tk interiors
TK interiors

Fourth Style – Industrial, raw and timeless

For the ideal industrial interior, industrial materials and robust finishes work in harmony with timeless design classics. You’ll feel right at home in modern comfort with a nod to the past.

modern interiors with TK Interiors
TK Interiors

This warm and authentic style combines vintage materials like tiles and used planks with weathered ornaments, aged brass, and bronze or steel cast handles. We then add a modern twist to create your ideal industrial interior.

industrial interior modern design tk interiors
TK interiors

Fifth Style – Sleek, Minimalist and Modern

Consider clean lines, gleaming textures, high-tech materials, and plenty of perspectives. This style is based on contemporary minimalism, and we let the architecture speak for itself to create an exclusive minimalist interior.

simple and elegant interiors with TK Interiors
TK interiors

This simple and minimalist style allows the architecture to speak for itself. Corian and composite high-tech materials are combined with satin or matt surfaces, concealed handles, and clean lines. This interior is complemented by an exclusive custom kitchen, which completes the atmosphere and gives your entire home a sense of tranquillity and luxury.

modern interiors tk interiors
TK interiors

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