Residence Design with Emia London

Emia London is an Interior Design Company based in Hertfordshire, England. In this article, we will explore a little about the history and work of the English interior design company and also see a preview of some of their in-residence work.

Emia London – About

Understanding the client’s requirements is the method and point of view Emia London uses in their approach to work. This is the driving force behind the unrivalled attention to detail, and they take pride in providing a personalised level of service every time. Because each client has a different focus, need, and personality, each project has its own identity.

Residence Design with Emia London

Emia London facilitates the perfect finish, pushes design concepts, and always brings a fresh eye to every project thanks to a strong network of suppliers and contractors. Emia London’s goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind combination of services that make interior design a positive experience.

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Having a solid background in both commercial and residential design is advantageous, as it allows for the creation of visions for unique settings. Providing in-depth knowledge and understanding of furnishings, textiles, and bespoke design. This will enable clients to develop complete trust in their ability and careful direction, empowering them to push their vision beyond expectations.

Residence Design with Emia London

Emia London – Work

An initial consultation is the first step in Emia London’s design process. The process comes from discussing your interior design ideas and what you want to achieve. Emia London observes the space, gather any necessary information, and then initiates ideas that will evolve into a future scheme.

Residence Design with Emia London

Following the initial meeting, Emia London proceeds to develop a design concept that incorporates your requests and needs. After determining how the layout will work, they proceed to create a scheme tailored to the client’s interior using our knowledge and resources. If custom joinery or furniture is required, it will be designed to fit the space perfectly. Each room is then presented to demonstrate the look and feel of what furniture, fabrics, and decoration will be used in order to translate the vision.

Residence Design with Emia London

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Emia London – Projects


This Hampstead property was completely transformed by EMIA London, who completely renovated it to a high standard. It was created with the client’s request for a modern feel in mind.

Residence Design with Emia London

Each room features custom-made furniture, lighting, and artwork that has been meticulously designed to fit the space. The palette of cool, calm tones is carried throughout the property.

Residence Design with Emia London


The key design element in creating a classic boutique, timeless look is the attention to detail within each room.

Residence Design with Emia London

Bespoke furniture was created to ensure that each room met the needs of the client. The soft tones and sleek fabrics create a relaxed atmosphere throughout the home.

Residence Design with Emia London


Residence Design with Emia London MODERN ARMCHAIR

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