Modern Contemporary Sofas that go with any type of design – a top 10

Today, we will explore Modern Contemporary Sofas that will absolutely change your interior design scheme. After a long and hard-working day, the sofa provides a lovely and soft spot to rest peacefully. It is also where everyone, including family members and guests, may sit comfortably and watch TV.

Modern Contemporary Sofas

A sofa set unquestionably sets the tone for the room. It establishes the motif of a certain dwelling or official space. The colours, design style, material used, and kind of cushion used in producing a couch set all have a significant impact on the look and feel of any space.

modern contemporary sofas

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A top 10 selection

modern contemporary sofas hermes sofa

Hermes is the Greek God of borders, travel, and communication. This was the idea for the HERMES Sofa, a proper living room sofa with cotton velvet upholstery and polished brass legs. It is a statement mid-century contemporary velvet sofa that can change any space.

modern contemporary sofas borneo velvet brown sofa

Borneo is the world’s third-biggest island and Asia’s largest. The BORNEO Sofa is inspired by this wonderful island and is covered in brown velvet with pinewood legs stained in Wengue Matte. This modern velvet couch will be the centre focus of any living room design, making it a perfect choice for a sophisticated and one-of-a-kind project.

modern contemporary sofas bourbon green velvet sofa

The House of Bourbon was a French dynasty famed for its nobility and magnificence. The BOURBON Sofa exemplifies this grandeur with its button-tufted inner back, luxurious cotton velvet, and matte aged brass base. This velvet couch complements any elegant setting.

modern contemporary sofas green and golden sofa

DAKOTA Sofa was inspired by our designer’s appreciation for global cultures. This green velvet couch, upholstered in soft cotton velvet and with a base in matte aged brass, will lend a touch of elegance to any design.

modern contemporary sofas blue velvet sofa design

Lake Como in Italy is famous for its stunning landscape and beautiful water lilies. The COMO Sofa pays homage to this natural beauty. This contemporary living room couch is entirely covered in cotton velvet, making it an ideal mid-century modern sofa for relaxing after a hard day.

modern contemporary sofas green bourbon sofa

Loch Maree in Scotland is encircled by a magnificent mountain with a rocky scenery. The tufted cotton velvet of the MAREE Sofa softens the rugged terrain. This magnificent modern living room couch is covered in velvet and features matte lacquer legs, giving the classic chesterfield sofa a modern twist.

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modern contemporary sofas white sofa

Pearl is a magnificent substance that is utilised in both jewellery and home decoration. PEARL Sofa is upholstered in cotton velvet and has a matte old brass base that adds a delightful touch. This channel-tufted lounge couch in white cotton velvet with a matte old brass base is ideal for an elegant and timeless living room décor.

modern contemporary sofas blue sofa

According to Greek mythology, Oreas is the God of the mountains. OREAS Sofa pays tribute to it; this channel-tufted sofa is fully upholstered in soft cotton velvet. With a modern contemporary design, this blue living room sofa will be the focal point in your living room design. The OREAS Sofa will elevate any room design it is set in.

modern contemporary sofas green sofa

The GEORGE couch transports you to King George Island, where the first church in Antarctica was proudly built. This is the biggest of the South Shetland Islands, and this contemporary velvet sofa with an old brushed matte brass base celebrates history in a unique way.

modern contemporary sofas red velvet sofa

MALKIY Sofa was called after a biblical monarch and priest whose name meant “justice” and “king of righteousness.” This tuxedo red velvet sofa with antique gold leaf legs is the ideal accent to a modern classic living room set. The MALKIY Tuxedo Velvet Sofa will make a statement in whichever room it is placed in.

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