Pattern Trends for fall-winter 22/23

Pattern Trends for Fall-Winter will be today’s topic. Patterns are just the repetition of many design elements that function together. A seamless pattern is one in which every element of a design (regardless of how many times it is repeated) combines to produce a whole. There are loads of different patterns around the world, and they can be found on the most usual and raw figures. But, in each season, there are patterns that you will see more and others you won’t. So, for today’s article, we gathered some of the most exclusive and latest Pattern Trends to help you upgrade your interior design.

Pattern Trends

Animal Prints

Animal print clothing has designs from the skin or fur of animals such as leopards, cheetahs, zebras, tigers, giraffes, striped hyenas, African wild dogs, and monkeys. Animal designs have always been a popular fashion trend for a variety of reasons. For one thing, they are often costly and exotic, making them a sign of riches and status.

modern office with pattern trends animal prints

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It is common to find animal prints in multiple interior designs, but the most impressive are the ones which are completely immersive and create a whole new perspective. In this modern office design, the animal print on the back of the high-back with leather upholstery DUKONO Armchair is the central piece.

modern office chair with pattern trends animal prints

Natural Patterns

We get an appreciation and comprehension of the environment in which we live and how everything is related by examining patterns in nature. And, through participating with Nature, we develop a stronger connection with our spiritual selves. We live in a kaleidoscope of visual patterns, both living and non-living – when we embrace the natural patterns in interior design we create warm and welcome rooms filled with the strength and boldness of nature.

pattern trends in interior design for the fall-winter

Natural Patterns are, for sure, one of the main Pattern Trends for this fall-winter not only because they create such a welcome and familiar ambience, but also because they defy the rules of design to be so much more. In this modern hallway design, the centre of attention is the KOI Console Table and its inspiration from Koi Carp, one of the most famous Japanese Cultural Symbols.

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We can’t picture a season without floral prints and patterns. This year has witnessed the return of beautiful flower designs. Floral designs must be combined with this year’s dominant hues – these mean elegance and can immediately uplift any interior.

modern hallway with floral pattern pattern trends

But if you don’t want to risk and choose such a bold floral pattern trend, you can opt for choosing an element that represents the same message. In this case, the BEGONIA Armchair is inspired by an elegant and pure flower and its format. This chair can, absolutely, give the same power as a floral pattern to your home.

pattern trends modern chair inspired by a flower

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