Modern Home Decoration by Liquid Interiors

Liquid Interiors was founded by Rowena Gonzales a creative with a purpose. Liquid Interiors has earned award-winning international acclaim due to its unique portfolio. They use a design for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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Modern Home Decoration by Liquid Interiors

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This firm believes that your home is your sanctuary, a place to relax, rejuvenate and make memories to last a lifetime. Liquid Interiors mission is to create a beautiful home for you.

Liquid Interiors

With turnkey design solutions from concept through to styling, the team has extensive experience in managing large projects.

Modern Home Decoration by Liquid Interiors Projects

Liquid Interiors design ethos and adherence to ethical, well-being, and sustainable standards mean that they create interiors that respect the natural resources of our planet.

1. Old Peak Road – Hong Kong 2020

Old Peak Road - a home family with warm and humble tones

A home for a young family, this space exudes warm and humble tones. Inspired from the earth, the home is grounded and celebrates the beauty of imperfections.

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2. The Giverny – Hong Kong 2019

The Giverny - sunset in the woods living room

‘Sunset In The Woods’ was the creative inspiration for the complete interior refurbishment.

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3. Greenfiel Mansion – Hong Kong 2020

Greenfiel Mansion - modern, fashionable and sustainable home

Fashionable, modern, and sustainable, this Bali Industrial inspired haven in Causeway Bay is an eclectic mix of New York’s robust lifestyle and Bali’s relaxing ambience.

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4. Grand Austin – Hong Kong 2017

grand austin - design that inspired to capture the memories

The client’s wanted a healthier life and a creative home that artistically told a story in the design. The design of each space was inspired to capture the memories.

Inspired by the look


Inspired by the look

5. Three Bays – Hong Kong 2021

three bays - project that balance of muted blue and orange tones

Inspired by the view of sea and sky as seen from the property itself, the Three Bays project is a balance of muted blue, orange tones, and complementary colours—keeping the atmosphere natural and relaxing.

6. Village Gardens – Hong Kong 2017

village gardens - classic moder style

The apartment provides sophisticated, relaxed living and a classic modern style.

Inspired by the look


Inspired by the look

7. Mid Levels – Hong Kong 2021

mid levels - a classic modern design space

Classic modern design dances with nature in this bright Mid-levels home of art collectors.

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8. Macdonnell Road – Hong Kong 2014

Macdonnell Road - natural minimalist flat bedroom

Located in Mid-Levels Hong Kong, with a natural minimalist flat to be light, airy, masculine, and eco friendly.

Inspired by the look


Inspired by the look

9. Fujiya Mansions – Hong Kong 2014

Fujiya Mansions living room

Fujiya Mansions was designed for a family that has a very distinct eclectic taste who wanted to create a retreat within the city.

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10. Mid Levels – Hong Kong 2017

mid levels - an elegant and feminine design

With wellness in mind, this elegant and feminine design was created to have the right balance of curves and Scandinavian touch.

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