Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong

Interior Designers Hong Kong, top 20 to fall in love with and get inspired by.

AB Concept

AB Concept’s design philosophy is clear. “Every project we create should be a legacy for our clients. They are selective and only commit to projects that we feel passionate about, those that evoke an emotional response or spark our collective imaginations. It starts with an overarching theme that serves as the foundation. From this basis grows a story and design concept, evolving into a strong narrative”.

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Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - AB Concept
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – AB Concept

The company has received multiple top honours at prestigious international awards and the Interior Design Best Of The Year including the coveted Annual GoId Key Awards, the Hospitality Design Awards in New York and the International Hotel and Property Awards In London. Most recently, their project for the Shangri-la Hotel in Oufu took the 2014 Hospitality Design Award for Best Public Space, and their Shang XI restaurant in the Four Seasons Pudong Shanghai took the Forbes Travel Guide accolade for Best Restaurant in China.

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B+H Architects

At B+H they believe in the power of design to transform spaces, communities, and economies. The studio enables their clients’ visions through customised designs that exceed their business goals and inspire the people that live, work, heal, play, and learn within them.

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - B+H Architects
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – B+H Architects

The designers regard every challenge as an opportunity for learning and never lose sight of the people they are designing for – regardless of the type of development, scale, scope, or geography involved. Their bold design solutions are inspired by the confidence that’s derived from honed insight, active listening, fearless entrepreneurialism, and a collaborative fusion of perspectives. The results of their design performance are achieved through constant innovation, accountability, hands-on service, cultivating talent, and being a champion for diversity in all its forms – these are the things the studio so firmly values.


Bilkey LLinas Design

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - Bilkey Llinas Design
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – Bilkey Llinas Design

Bilkey LLinas Design (BLD) is committed to finding original solutions to the changing demands in the hospitality business. Constantly examining new frontiers in the industry, the company’s team of skilled architects and designers strive to produce innovative concepts that appeal not only to the business traveller but also to the tourist and frequent traveller. Their goal is to create hotels that not only meet the guests’ functional requirements but are designed experiences in and on themselves. That is why they have a huge portfolio of high-end clients, such as the Ritz chain, St Regis, Hyatt and Ritz Carlton.

Collected Interiors Book


Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - DiLeonardo
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – DiLeonardo

In partnering with the world’s top hospitality brands, the DiLeonardo “team of masters” continually demonstrates an ability to harness purposeful elegance in design—and deliver it anywhere in the world, creating spaces that “do their jobs” with grace and flare. They attend to both the aesthetic and financial success of every project. The Studio’s design philosophy transcends the essential and becomes something far more than that: It becomes a way of living.

The mix of styles they imply on each project stuns away the clients, always bearing in mind the location and the clients’ wishes. They partake in a wide range of projects, from residential to hospitality, where they have a refined client portfolio, from the Hyatt chain to Marriott and Sheraton. The studio has also collected a significant amount of accolades, such as Design company of the Year and got into the shortlist of the World Travel Awards, thanks to their hotel project Mövenpick Colombo, in Sri Lanka.

Gettys Group

The Gettys Group proudly counts on a multicultural team, highly committed to local knowledge, operating at the intersection of design, implementation and strategic thinking. Founded in 1988 with one office in Chicago, they have now grown to six different locations around the globe, including offices in Miami.

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - Gettys Group
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – Gettys Group


From seasoned professionals to emerging talents, Getty Group is united by a singular passion for creating designs that work. They offer incomparable expertise in Interior Design, Procurement, Branding and Consulting. Roger G Hill is one of the vanguardists of a “beautiful design is good business” philosophy regarding the hospitality design industry. Roger has led Gettys through over two decades of growth by continually raising the bar.

Recently, Gettys won first place in the hospitality industry and is known for offering a turn-key development design procurement formula to hoteliers. Most recently, Roger and his team have pursued global growth with offices in Hong Kong and Dubai. They have worked in some of the hospitality business’ most iconic projects, such as the Hard Rock Hotel Mexico.

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HBA Hong Kong

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - HBA Hong Kong
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – HBA Hong Kong

Hirsch Bedner Associates is one of the world’s best interior design and architecture firms in the world. With offices scattered around every nook and corner of the globe, their thick web of projects continues to inspire design lovers from all over the world. Like the Hilton Dalian, in China. A magnificent castle set on a hill with a picturesque landscape. The guests arrive through an alluring classical garden and step into the doors of a Great Hall where the “stage” is set for celebration.

Framed by arches, alcoves and vaulted ceilings, each space offers an experience of discovery, contemplation and transformation in a castle against the backdrop of the sea. A bespoke experience engaging the artiste as both the actor and the audience, the guest room serves as “The Dressing Room”, where the cast applies their make-up and change into costumes. It is a modern interpretation of a classical interior with a colour palette borrowing scenes from the sea. Depicting a sweet destination after a long journey, enjoying the serenity of the sea with a touch of luxury.


Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - HOK
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – HOK

HOK designs buildings and spaces that respond to the needs of people and the environment. Their team of designers are rooted in technical excellence, driven by imagination and focused on a solitary goal: to deliver solutions that inspire clients and communities. From the several accolades the firm has collected, we must highlight the 2019 Firm Award from the American Institute of Architects, the Best Airport in the Middle East and the 2018 Healthcare Design Awards.

Hoo Interior Design & Styling

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - Hoo Interior Design and Styling
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – Hoo Interior Design and Styling

Hoo is a company that pays incredible attention to the details. For the firm, the smallest, most insignificant one can make or break an entire project. YC Chen, the firm’s CEO, spent 11 years in advertising and as a result, brought his “out of the box” thinking to the design world by creating one of the most prominent interior design studios in the world. With a modern contemporary approach and a mid-century twist, their signature style has been inspiring homeowners and fellow colleagues all over the world. Their projects, mostly residential, can be found a bit everywhere.

In Situ & Partners Ltd

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - In Sito & Partners
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – In Sito & Partners

In Situ & Partners Ltd is an Interior Architecture Company, based in Hong Kong. They specialise in interior architecture and fitting out of high-end retail, F&B and corporate spaces as well as luxury residential interiors. In recent years the studio has developed several global Interior Design Concepts for Luxury Brands. The company operates mainly in Asia, Europe and The Middle East. From Asia’s World City, Hong Kong, they deliver Worldwide high end branded concepts and environments.

The studio is dedicated and passionate about delivering high impact creative and functional experiences to its clients and end-users. They believe in the power of stories: the team likes to describe themselves as dreamers and storytellers. They then translate them into emotional spaces. Each project they work on has a story to tell. Their high-end client portfolio includes Harvey-Nichols, Balmain, Valentino and Nespresso.

J. Candice Interior Architects

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - J Candice Interior Architects
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – J Candice Interior Architects

After returning to Hong Kong in 2009 from New York, Candice Chan Chao headed J. Candice Interior Architects, designing commercial interiors for notable brands like The Spaghetti House, Privé Group, Fook Ming Tong and Hong Kong Jockey Club, etc. Specialising in commercial and hospitality spaces, Candice has long established her name as one of the best interior designers in Hong Kong. Her signature style makes her different from any other competing studios, consisting of a mixture of modern contemporary, with classical Asian features all over the decor. 

Candice has been recognised by the business community at home and abroad. In 2009, she received the Most Promising Female Award from Hong Kong Tatler Magazine, the Creative Entrepreneur Award in 2010 and subsequently, the Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Award in recognition of her works in North America’s shopping mall. Recently, she was awarded the 40 under 40 Awards by Perspective Magazine and the Asia Pacific Interior Design Award by Hong Kong Interior Design Association.

Joyce Wang Studio

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - Joyce Wang Studio
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – Joyce Wang Studio

Considering herself a nomad, Joyce Wang spent part of her life a bit everywhere. Studying in Boston, the UK and the Royal College of Art, the interior designer got the background, the know-how and the experience that is much appreciated in the industry. Today she designs Spaces where she feels people can feel great with themselves and have fun in the midst of the confidence provided by the space. 

The designer works on every type of project, but her speciality is hospitality and commercial spaces. She has worked on several big hotel projects, like the Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park and the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.  One of her most celebrated design projects is the Mott 32 Restaurant, in Las Vegas, where opulence and decadence merge with an industrial style decor to create a truly unique space that makes you feel at home.

Liquid Interiors

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - Liquid Interiors
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – Liquid Interiors

Liquid Interiors is an eco-conscious interior design firm located in the bustling city of Hong Kong. Healthy and sustainable living is lost amidst their fast pace and convenience-centralised lifestyle. Their initiative is to alter this mindset and reinstitute the benefits of nature into city living. Liquid Interiors reestablishes the basics of nature of clean air, water, fresh food, and circadian rhythm regulation into interior spaces through innovative design.

The Studio’s team is equipped with professional designers and strategic partners who design and execute green interiors to certification level. They work with international environmental standards and specialise in bespoke design for show flats, residential development, hospitality, and workplaces. Liquid Interiors is successful in integrating its philosophy into beautiful, sustainable, and healthy spaces.

Rowena Gonzales, the studio’s leader, is a creative person with a purpose. Based in Hong Kong, her firm Liquid Interiors has earned award-winning international acclaim with its unique portfolio that brings wellness and sustainability to city living. Specialising in luxury living spaces, Gonzales’ approach aims to bring happiness to people by making each space tell a unique story about the client in a way that enhances a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Her aim is to make a positive impact on improving spaces where people spend most of their time. Gonzales’ portfolio ranges from bespoke residential, residential development, workplaces, education, community and wellness spaces.

LRF Designers

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - LRF Designers
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – LRF Designers

LRF Designers has become one of Asia’s leading interior design studios since its establishment in 1991 and continues to create exceptional guest experiences for international hotels, restaurants, clubhouses and residences. The studio is in the business of designing with a sense of place, creating environments that please, stimulate and calm the clients’ senses. LRF’s considerable experience enables a combination of original aesthetics with practical consideration for operational functionality and buildability, in order to make beautiful and workable spaces a reality.

They have become one of the top places to go to plan a hospitality project. Led by Charles Robertson, the Studio has been working on several luxury undertakings throughout the world. A constant in the Shangri-La Hotel chain projects, some of the studio’s most celebrated projects are the Shangri-La in Paris, the Galaxy Cotai in Macau and the Conrad Hilton in Seoul. Their unique style and design approach set them apart from most of the competition in the hospitality business.

Michael Chow

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - Michael Chow
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – Michael Chow

Michael Chow is the son of Chinese national treasure and legendary Peking Opera Grand Master, Zhou Xing Fang. Michael who was born in Shanghai left for an English boarding school at thirteen. He then went on to Saint Martin School of Design and studied architecture. In his early twenties, while he struggled to succeed as a painter, Michael realised the need to bridge the East and West and to demonstrate the greatness of China.

MR CHOW, his restaurant chain, is known to many for not only his star-studded restaurants, but as a man that has captured the imagination of artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, David Hockney, Jean Michel Basquiat, Helmut Newton, and Ed Ruscha. Prior to opening his first restaurant, Michael worked as a designer and in 1965 designed Smith and Hawes hairdressing salon on London’s Sloane Ave. He continued to design boutiques and restaurants in London. In the ’80s when Giorgio Armani went to MR CHOW in New York, he was so impressed by Michael’s architectural design that he sent tuxedos for all of his waiters to use.

Michael then designed Armani’s Rodeo Drive Boutique in 1987 and again in 1999 for the Giorgio Armani boutique at The Bellagio, in Las Vegas. Michael designs all of his MR CHOW restaurants with original Arts and Lalique glass doors, which are still unique and modern. But his greatest work is his Los Angeles home which took seven years to design and build.

MR Moser Associates

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - MR Moser Associates
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – MR Moser Associates

At M Moser, they believe design can positively impact people’s well-being and productivity through work and life. The team is passionate about enabling transformative workplace culture. They specialise in work environments, delivering a completely new work culture. It goes way beyond interior design: M Moser Associates designs a way of life. The designers do more than develop beautiful interiors. They are experts in planning and masterminds of innovation. They integrate and coordinate information, engineer and build services and technologies. Creating interiors that translate brand language and amplify company culture, the studio enhances spaces to inspire and boost workplace performance.

Original Vision

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - Original Vision
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – Original Vision

Over the past 27 years, Original Vision has been pioneering new concepts in leisure architecture and design in South East Asia. Based in Hong Kong and Thailand and with projects throughout the region, they are dedicated to innovation, creativity and quality in their design and in their finished projects.

Their growing reputation is firmly based on solutions that precisely meet the client’s needs whilst being brought to life with the spark of ingenuity. The manipulation of space, light, texture and colour is the core of the studio’s philosophy. The studio has gathered many accolades throughout the years, including the World Luxury Hotel Awards and the Asia-Pacific Property Award.

PTang Studio

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - Ptang Studio
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – Ptang Studio

Established in 1999, PTang Studio Limited quickly became one of the best architectural and interior design companies. The scale and type of projects they undertake are very diversified – from small apartments to large commercial spaces. The studio has collected several accolades throughout the years, Including the 2011 International Design Awards for Office Category, the Certificate of Excellence in commercial, retail or office on the 2012 Perspective Awards and the Residential Award in 2010.

PTang Studio’s philosophy is modest: they believe in getting to basics. They create spaces that bring out clients the most comfortable atmosphere by understanding their individual preferences. Seeking the finest quality and innovations, developing a fresh and unique style that transcends existing boundaries and widens the horizon of design in the visionary future is their aim.


Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - SOM
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – SOM

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) is one of the largest and most influential architectures, interior design, engineering, and urban planning firms in the world. Founded in 1936, the firm has completed over 10,000 projects in more than 50 countries. SOM is renowned for its iconic buildings and commitment to design excellence, innovation, and sustainability. One of their most outstanding projects is the 1111 Sunset Boulevard Project, in Los Angeles, California.

1111 Sunset Boulevard, a mixed-use development on the edge of downtown Los Angeles, seeks to transform a long-dormant site into a modern community hub. The 5.5-acre property, formerly the site of the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) headquarters designed by architect William Pereira, is located on a designated transportation corridor in the city of Los Angeles’ Central City North community plan area. The proposed development will bring residential units, retail and creative office space, and a boutique hotel to the site. With 778 residences, including market-rate and affordable units, 1111 Sunset will provide Los Angeles with much-needed new housing near job centres.

Steve Leung

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - Steve Leung
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – Steve Leung

Steve Leung, a leading award-winning architect and interior designer, established his first architectural and urban planning consultancy in 1987, which were then restructured to Steve Leung Architects Ltd. (SLA) and Steve Leung Designers Ltd. (SLD) in 1997. The company specialises in leading architectural and interior design projects, catering to the needs of rapidly growing China and international markets.

The company works on a wide spectrum of design projects. Architectural projects include office buildings, high-rise and low-rise residential buildings, institutions, etc; while interior design projects range from show flats, sales offices, handover standard units, clubhouses, offices, shopping malls, retails, hotels, restaurants and bars, etc. This company’s work is spread over the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, the United States, UAE, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan etc., and has successfully penetrated into over 100 cities across the world.

Studio Adjective

Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong - Studio Adjective
Top 20 Interior Designers Hong Kong – Studio Adjective

Hong Kong-based Studio Adjective is co-founded by Emily Ho and Wilson Lee. As a creative multidisciplinary and award-winning design agency, ADJECTIVE insists to design with strategies that focus on connections with humans, its community and the city. Thus, they created the project with a unique adjective and enhanced the project’s self-sustainability in the market. Recent projects include Galleon FashionWalk, Furniture collaboration with Ishinomaki Lab 石卷工房,  Tencent Doctors work & NOC coffee – Gough St & Sai Ying Pun.

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