Ester Bruzkus Interior Design Ideas

ester bruzkus architekten interior design ideas

Interior design ideas by Ester Bruzkus Architekten. Bruzkus is an architecture and interior design practice with global ties in Berlin, New York, Paris, Tel Aviv, Boston, Dubai, Moscow, Vladivostok, Tenerife. It was founded in 2002 in Berlin, Bruzkus Architekten has extensive design experience presenting us with astonishing interior design ideas.

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Ester Bruzkus Architekten Interior Design Ideas

Ester Bruzkuz leads the Berlin-based international Architecture and Interiors practice, which has one of them awards and has been named one of Architectural Digest’s “Top 200 Influencers in the Design World”.

“Butterflies in the stomach – Ester Bruzkus always gets them when seeing good design. For her, design has above all to do with observation: whether old or new films, music, poems, shadows, art, bridges, street signs or simply random conversations…”

Architectural Digest
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Interior Design Ideas by Ester Bruzkus Architekten

Bruskuz and her team make use of architecture with contrasts of thick and thin, sharp and soft, curved and straight, rough and smooth, common and opulent, colourful and restrained, playful and well-resolved. Special projects are resulting from the dialogue of space and light, materiality and colour, existing constraints and new opportunities- and especially a synergy between the needs of the client, the space, and the aspirations of great design and interior design ideas.

Interior Design Ideas Projects of Ester Bruzkus Architekten

The Green Box

The Green Box project by ester bruzkus with a piano, a fireplace and a green sofa with a wine red carpet.

This project was named by Yellowtrace as one of the best projects of 2021.

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the global turmoil of the last couple of years, it’s the importance of our homes, the ultimate inner sanctums of our lives. These spaces have had to shift, adapt and work harder for us than ever.”

Collected Interiors Book

The Kastle

The Kastle interior design idea lliving room with 2 fluffy white armchairs, a round wood cente rtable, a blue leather-like armchair and a white/grey sofa.
Ester Bruzkus

Get The Look

Get the look with our sofa ESSEX CORNER SOFA

interior design idea with a grey/white dofa, a round white center table, 2 fluffly chairs and a round center table.


amano lounge area with 2 brown leather armchairs, yellow curtains on the windoes and a black center table.
Ester Bruzkus

Ester’s breakthrough project was the interiors of the Amano hotel in the former East Berlin. This project lead to her sucess in the world of architecture giving us marvellous interior design ideas and marvellous projects.

Esters Apartment 2.0

Ester apartment 2.0 reading corner in pink, with a stool and a chair next to a big window.
modern deisgn books, the guide to create unique living room interiors.

Esters Apartment

Esters Apartment reading corner with a purple armchair, a little pillow on top, two round side table, wooden floors, and a rug.
Ester Bruzkus

Ester Bruzkus has also projected interior design ideas for restaurants of some of Berlin’s best chefs. Other important projects include retail work for the KaDeWe, the Delphi Lux Cinema in Berlin’s Banhof-Zoo District, and innovative workplaces for many companies, VW’s Autostadt and the PSD Bank. She has been working with Peter Greenberg since 2006.

Photographer’s Loft

Photographer's loft with a terracotta sofa, one blue rug, a black piano, a fireplace, and a yellowish chair.

Peter Greenberg has over thirty years of interdisciplinary experience with design and detailing at many scales: from the design of furniture and furniture systems to exquisite residences in America and Europe, to international workplaces, restaurants, hotels, and universities. His extensive work with design research and education bridges scholarship, teaching, and practice.

Apartment K 1.0

Apartment K 1.0 living room with a yellow armchair, a grey sofa with yellow pillows on talk, a white rug, and a square center table.
Ester Bruzkus

Since Peter joined Ester the company won several international design competitions, many design awards, and completed several significant projects.

Apartment MM

Apartment MM living area with a fireplace, a wooden rocking chair, a wooden center table and a sofa.

Before joining Ester Bruzkus in 2016, Mr. Greenberg led GREENBERGDESIGNLLC where he had major clients including Harvard University, the WGBH Educational Foundation, and the Beth El Temple Center (Belmont MA). Mr. Greenberg has been Associate Professor of Interior Design at Wentworth Institute of Technology (Boston) in the College of Architecture, Design, and Construction Management. He taught design studios and technical courses that focus on materials, detailing, building systems, structure, theory, and history.

Apartment PP

Apartment PP corner with a pink armchair, around center table, we also see a dining table behind this space.
Ester Bruzkus

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