Jean-Louis Deniot – The Influential Interior Designer of Paris

Jean Louis Deniot Interior Designer in Paris

Jean-Louis Deniot is a famous interior designer, based in Paris, recognised worldwide for his luxurious and magical interiors. The French interior designer is easily recognised by his eclectic design, using furniture and accessories dating from the 17th century up to modern times. Inspired by the country and location of the client and the project, Jean-Louis Deniot creates a timeless design that goes beyond any expectations.

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Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis Deniot has the goal to always achieve a timeless design that serves every property value, pushing the limits of the existing to transform the aesthetic and functionality to its optimum result. The interior designer always has in mind the client lifestyle, their intense way of living, which leads to the creation of a very specific and unique atmosphere for their way of living.

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Jean-Louis Deniot

Inspired by the things surrounding him, the culture and memories, he creates a project combining history and the modern. This way Jean-Louis Deniot achieves what he defines as a good design, a timeless design. The genius of his line of thought led him to feature in Architectural’s Digest 100, an important event for every interior designer.

Jean-Louis Deniot Projects in Paris

Parisian apartments have unique architectural details, you can see in the projects below that the french interior designer, Jean-Louis Deniot, respects and emphasise the beauty and the uniqueness of those details and add his special touch.

Rue de Rivoli

Jean-Louis Deniot Living Room Rue de Rivoli Project
Rue de Rivoli Project

Inspire by the look

roombyroom Living Room

Inspire by the look

Saint-Germain des Prés

Jean-Louis Deniot Living Room Saint Germain des Prés Project
Saint Germain des Prés Project
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Ile Saint Louis

Jean-Louis Deniot Office Ile Saint Louis Project
Ile Saint Louis Project


Jean-Louis Deniot Living Room Eylau Project
Eylau Project

Boulevard Magenta

Jean-Louis Deniot Living Room Boulevard Magenta Project
Boulevard Magenta Project

Avenue Foch

Jean-Louis Deniot Living Room Avenue Foch Project
Avenue Foch Project

Rue de l’Université

Armchair used in Jean-Louis Deniot Living Room Rue de l'Université Project
Rue de l’Université Project

Saint Suplice

Jean-Louis Deniot Eclectic Living Room Saint Suplice Project
Saint Suplice Project
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Rue de Lille

Jean-Louis Deniot Dining Room Rue de Lille Project
Rue de Lille Project

Saint Pères

Armchair used in Jean-Louis Deniot Saint Pères Project
Saint Pères Project

Inspire by the look

roombyroom Living Room

Inspire by the look

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