Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas

15 modern living room decorating ideas

Here you will find 15 amazing modern living room decorating ideas to make your space comfortable and stylish.

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PEARL Lounge Sofa by BRABBU

Used since ancient times to make people and their homes look more attractive, the pearl was and still is a noble material used either in jewellery, furniture, home accessories or cosmetic products. Upholstered with white glossy velvet, PEARL contemporary sofa offers a delicate and surprising touch, as rare as what is found inside a smooth oyster.

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Living room modern interior design: black and white living rooms.

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Living room decorating ideas: green and grey mixtures.

Living room decorating ideas: blue. Another great colour for a living room interior design.

Modern house design with Privê – Day bed by Koket

Not exactly flirtatious, certainly not sweet the Privê Day Bed guarantees sensuous drama. Exquisite flora inspired details to adorn this seductive piece. A delicate branch-like base, stunning bronze & crystal jewelled bolsters, and sumptuous soft tufting make this an utterly desirable piece.

15 modern living room ideas

Living room ideas: beautiful with sofas.

Living room ideas: blue, yellow and green. Perfect for beach modern houses design.


“When we think about decorating a dining room, we think about typical dining room furniture: the dining table and the dining room chairs. The last ones have a very important role, as they work as utility and decor pieces…”

Living room decorating ideas.

Modern Interior Design with Picadilly – Cabinet by Boca do Lobo

Piccadilly Cabinet made from poplar is the result of meticulous craftsmanship and it’s completed in six different finishes: coloured in dark and bright emerald green, black, gilded in age golden leaf.

Living room interior design.

Modern Interior Design.

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