Peter Mikic – best modern interior design

Peter Mikic is an interior designer with a base in London. He was born in Melbourne, Australia, and immigrated to London in 1990.

After working for several fashion designers, he transitioned into the interior design field in 2006. Since then, Peter Mikic has been listed among the top interior designers in Elle Decoration, House and Garden, and AD Collector Top 100.

Best Modern Interior Design from Peter Mikic

His international ventures include commercial eateries, private residences, private aircraft, and yachts.

Peter Mikic loves to find antiques from many eras and nations, but he has also created his own line of custom furniture.

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Best Modern Interior Design by Peter Mikic

Peter Mikic has accumulated extensive knowledge of materials, product design, and detailing via his many years of involvement in the fashion and interior industries.

Peter Mikic is renowned for his imaginative yet adaptable designs, his awareness of movement and evolution in space, as well as his modern yet refined sense of style.

Peter Mikic

Notting Hill Villa

Peter Mikic modern living room design
Peter Mikic
new sofas by brabbu

The living room‘s purpose is to give us a spot to rest and gather with the people we love, even if it does not have the shape or size we wish it had, we can create it as a place where the stories and memories of our lives will forever stay with us, like this project from Peter Mikic, you can get fantastic inspiration from his projects!

Peter Mikic modern living room design
Peter Mikic

When furnishing a living room, we should look for something beautiful, comfortable, practical, and livable.

Dining rooms are where families congregate at the end of the day, it is the only time they can all be together and spend meaningful family time and talk about their days, this area gives us a warm feeling, and every piece of furniture combines perfectly.

Peter Mikic modern kitchen design
Peter Mikic
Peter Mikic modern dining room design
Peter Mikic

It is vital to design your kitchen such that it is functional for you and your family. This area is more than just a location to cook your meals, it is also a place to reconnect with your roots, memories, and family customs.

Peter Mikic modern office design
Peter Mikic

The quality that Peter Mikic brings to all his projects is fantastic, in any area of the house they all have a great design, I hope you will be inspired by this fantastic project in the city of London.

Inspired by the look

Peter Mikic modern bedroom design
Peter Mikic

Last but not the least, this neutral-toned master bedroom features elegance and modern design in the most outstanding way!

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Unique living room interiors by brabbu

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