Best Interior Designers in France

When it comes to the Best Interior Designers in France, you can find some of the most influential movers and shakers this industry has ever known. For ages, France has been held in high regard globally for its creative prowess. The country is known for its ability to execute everything with intrinsic elegance, whether it’s excellent wine, gastronomy, or fashion. In this article, we gathered some of the most iconic and relevant names in the french interior design world.

Best Interior Designers in France

The crème de la crème of interior designers

Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis Deniot is the first on our list of the Best Interior Designers in France. From a young age, he has been immersed in French interior design. His inherent ability to deal with textures and patterns was honed throughout his schooling in Paris, and after graduating in 2000, the visionary established his interior design business the following year. Deniot, like a fashion designer, tailors each of his projects to the demands of his clients, drawing inspiration from his travels.

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Christian Liaigre

Christian Liaigre, the second one of the Best Interior Designers in France on our list requires no introduction. We can’t stop talking about his work since it is the ultimate of elegant modernity. With luscious silk, linen, leather, and wood, the French interior and furniture designer achieves minimalist French beauty. He also enjoys ‘feng shuiing’ his projects by perfectly harmonising peaceful colour palettes and relatively plain furnishings to create a quiet ambience.

Chahan Minassian

Minassian founded his own business in 1993 after studying interior design in Paris and earning experience as the European creative director for Ralph Lauren. He quickly rose to worldwide prominence. This French interior designer focuses on space while redesigning homes to improve the flow of movement. Minassian’s work is particularly distinguished by the use of refined textiles and subtle colours.

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Gilles & Boissier

When designers weave their magic on the prestigious Four Seasons hotels, you know they’re capable of something truly extraordinary and must be included in our list of the Best Interior Designers in France. Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier, who is life and business companions, seem meant to collaborate. Their combined creative brains are a force to be reckoned with, and they excel at merging traditional and modern styles with neutral colour palettes.

Joseph Dirand

Joseph Dirand is living proof that the French have an innate sense of ageless elegance. Minimalism, cold monochromatic colour palettes, and clean-lined furniture are favourites of the French interior designer. Dirand has been taken under the wing of the fashion business and commissioned to design various high-end boutiques, including Balenciaga in Tokyo, Pucci in New York, and Balmain in Paris, thanks to his creative vision.

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India Mahdavi

The world traveller lived in Iran and New York, among other places, before settling in Paris and becoming the art director for Christian Liaigre. The French designer, now a household brand in her own right, draws on her well-travelled background in England, France, Germany, and the United States, incorporating brilliant colours from her early years in America and luxurious materials inspired by her experiences in Paris. Mahdavi’s designs, arguably the most avant-garde on our list, primarily emphasise modern, innovative aesthetics.

Pierre Yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch easily stumbled into interior design, thus it appears that easy style and the French go hand in hand once more. Yovanovitch rebuilt his own apartment while working as a fashion designer, which led to him creating rooms in his friends’ homes, and the rest is history. Clean lines, uncomplicated modernism, and bold use of powerful materials such as wood, marble, stone, and metal define his design.

Jacques Grange

Grange’s magnificent distinctive style has genuinely endured the test of time, lasting more than four decades. The renowned French interior designer had a formal education before going on to learn more from the late, famous maestro of French décor, Henri Samuel. Opulence is frequently the first thought that comes to mind while viewing Grange’s paintings. Decorative furnishings, bright colours, and curving forms dominate numerous of his work, evoking a Rococo vibe.

Alberto Pinto

The late Albert Pinto was another genius in the realm of French interior design. Pinto realised his purpose in life after graduating from the elite École du Louvre and starting a photographic firm specialising in interior design in New York. Other civilizations’ influences may be evident throughout his work, notably exotic styles inspired by the Eastern world. His stunning portfolio of work ranges from private aircraft, yachts, and castles to corporate buildings.

Jacques Garcia

Jacques Garcia is the final name on our list of the Best Interior Designers in France. “Luxury is the simplest thing in the world: it is knowledge,” writes Jacques Garcia. If this is the case, then this luxury-oriented designer knows everything there is to know. Garcia earns a spot in our French interior designer hall of fame for his ability to convey tales via environments packed with elegance and rare things.

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