Lighting trends: Shapes, sizes, materials and novelties

Today’s article will be about Lighting Trends. Lighting is a vital component of any successful design plan, but it is especially critical in the winter when the days are shorter and we spend more time indoors than normal. So, let’s explore the current lighting trends and how you can use them to maximise your interiors.

Lighting trends

Lighting as a focal point

modern living room with corner blue sofa and lighting trends

Lighting is becoming more a focus of the rooms rather than only being a functional aspect. These can be elegant and extravagant, more or like the VELLUM Suspension Lights that add so much brightness to the space.

lighting trends modern suspension light

The warmth of VELLUM Suspension Light will accentuate every tale you make in your house, thanks to its hammered brushed aged brass frame. Place this hanging ceiling light over a contemporary sofa and curl up with a good book.

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Make a statement with your lighting

dining area with lighting trends

If your room has space and needs light, then why not choose to make it the centre of attention? It is exactly what this room needed – and with the astonishing design and well-thought details of the NAICCA Chandelier, this dining area became so much more than just a dining space.

lighting trends modern luxurious chandelier

The NAICCA Chandelier, a spherical chandelier that reflects the mythology of crystal beginnings, was inspired by the fascination with Mexico’s Giant Crystal Cave. The antique brushed brass construction and Quartz crystal diffuser complement each other to enliven any room’s decor. This spherical hanging ceiling light will complete your modern classic home decor.

Opt for a big ceiling light

lighting trends modern suspension lights

A room with space is a room that needs light – but not merely light. A well-thought piece of art with the function of brightening up the whole interior. The big design of the AURUM III Suspension Light fulfils this purpose.

lighting trends golden suspension light

The Latin term for gold is aurum. This commanding metal is also known as a modern lighting piece constructed of matte hammered brass. AURUM Oval Suspension Light, with its unusual shape, will provide comfort in the darkest evenings with its warm but sensitive light. This contemporary spherical chandelier will not disappoint.

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Choose unique lighting designs

lighting trends unique suspension lights

The best part of choosing the right kind of lighting for your interior is exploring all the different possibilities and seeing which one fits your interest the best. The KOBEN Suspension Light is the perfect mixture of simple and eye-catching lighting trending.

lighting trends golden suspension light

Kbenhavn was a Viking fishing settlement famous for its valiant inhabitants. The KOBEN Suspension Light pays homage to this tradition. The contemporary suspension light has a construction with brushed copper, brushed brass, and aged brass elements. Perfect for adding a unique twist to modern home design.

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