Modern Suspension Lights and Center Tables – Unlikely duo of 2022

Modern Suspension Lights and Center Tables will be today’s topic. Among the new products for 2022, mixing suspension lights and center tables are an unlikely duo we want to highlight. Take a look at how these two elements can, together, uplift any interior.

Modern Suspension Lights and Center tables

An Unlikely duo

modern living room with modern suspension light and centre table

The living room should be the soft area in the house where everyone feels most at ease. It’s the perfect place to unwind and rest after a long day. When it comes to furnishing a living room, we want something that is both beautiful and pleasant, as well as functional and livable – maybe combining Modern Suspension Lights and Center Tables is the way to go. Let’s take a look at the examples of this design.

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modern center table

The SHINTO Rectangle Center Table was built with a gloss black lacquered structure and an ash wood veneer white tabletop to safely keep anything you place on it. This sleek black rectangular center table will add a sophisticated touch to any modern classic design set.

oval suspension light

The NAICCA Oval Suspension Light is inspired by the fascinating Mexican Giant Crystal Caves and portrays the legend of this crystal’s origins. This modern oval suspension light will enhance any home design, providing the area with a strong and tranquil feeling, thanks to its aged brushed brass construction and Quartz Crystal diffusers.

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modern dining area with suspension light and centre table

An unlikely dining area where the combination of the powerful suspension light blends perfectly with the round black center table. A modern setting, perfect for reuniting with friends and family under the soothing light of a suspension light and the perfect functionality of a modern center table.

modern suspension light

The HORUS Irregular Suspension Light is inspired by the God of the Sky and the Rising Sun and pays homage with its vertical and unique design. With a matte black lacquered brass structure and crackle glass diffusers, this suspension lamp promises to be a reference in modern lighting design.

modern center table in black lacquer

SHINTO Round Center Table has the main purpose of enshrining one’s home. With a goss back lacquered structure and a tabletop in gry mirror, this black center table is the main element for a modern design home – and also can be the center of attention.

Other Center Tables to inspire you

Center tables are those small assistants that are always helpful in a living room set, whether to set down your cup, the TV remote, or a meal; their main emphasis is to be practical and utilitarian, but a center table can also be lovely, with various textures, colours, or even shapes.

modern and unique centre tables designs

The Navarra modern center table combines the essence of Spanish warmth and superb craftsmanship. The Navarra coffee table, inspired by its nation, adds an attractive touch to your home design. It is a modern center table made up of two square marble modules connected by an organic marble surface element on top encased in casted brass. A one-of-a-kind design piece and refined choice for premium home décor.

modern round centre table

The varying sizes of the circles in this modern round center table pay homage to the nomadic inhabitants of the Patagonian region, indicating the variation in tribe size and their later occupation, which is depicted here by the metal champagne circles. The Patagonia marble top’s circular shape reflects the sky, which these tribes believed Kooch, their God, was watching over.

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