Hellenistic Revival: The Latest Interior Design Trend

hellenistic revival

Hellenistic Revival is Pinterest’s Interior Design trend for the current year. As a contemporary and dynamic society, we are in constant progress and growth – Trends evolve with us, following our desires and, sometimes, even returning to ancient aesthetics. The critical factor is being constantly updated on the latest trends and choosing which ones really match our personality so we can create contemporary and dynamic interiors.

What is Hellenist Revival?

A fresh wave of Greek colonisation created Greek towns and kingdoms in Asia and Africa during the Hellenistic period. As a result, Greek culture and language were exported to these new areas, reaching as far as modern-day India. Hellenistic Revival is inspired by Ancient Greece and in interior design, the elements range from Corinthian home décor to Aphrodite-inspired wallpaper.

hellenistic revival in trendbook 2022

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Why is it trending now?

Based on the return of the ‘Dark Academia’ style during the pandemic, this tendency is unsurprising. Students attempted to romanticise academics in order to cope with the increased amount of hours spent in front of their digital gadgets. Still, Hellenistic Revival is more than just a symptom of adolescent desires.

hellenistic revival in trendbook

The Hellenistic Revival in Interior Design

The Hellenistic Revival style incorporates ancient Greece aesthetic elements into current décor to create a design that pays respect to this period of history. Greek Inspired fans embrace anything from Corinthian columns to neoclassical-inspired wallpapers, and also greek statue art inspirations are welcome.

hellenistic revival in trendbook
trendbook hellenistic revival

Hellenistic design is highly influenced by Ancient Greece, Greco-Roman art, sculptures, and legendary portrayals of gods.

hellenistic revival in trendbook

The Hellenistic Revival promotes luxury via sculpture and art. This décor style incorporates fanciful aspects to produce a home design that feels revitalising and transformative. There are several ways to incorporate the Hellenistic Revival into your house. Some ideas will be more straightforward, while others will be more daring and exciting! Is up to you to choose which one fits you best.

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Homeowners who experiment with this design style are encouraged to go back in time while combining modern components that make the design seem warm and strange.

hellenistic revival in trendbook

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