Trending Mirror Designs for a Modern Home

Trending Mirror Designs will be today’s topic. Creating your Modern and Sophisticated Home take time, and are a panoply of variants you need to take into consideration: the style, the colours, the details, and the finishes of every element. But there is one thing you absolutely cannot miss in your modern home interior design: a trending mirror design. Take a look at these unique mirrors and their astonishing details.

Trending Mirror Designs

trending mirror designs in a modern kitchen design

We tend to choose a trending mirror design for the entryway or hallway design – but what if you choose a modern and rare mirror design to complete your kitchen decor? In this interior, the golden details make the room look spectacular, but the true guideline is the HULI Mirror and its lovely design.

Huli is a Papua New Guinean tribe noted for painting their faces yellow, crimson, and white to impress their enemies. This ceremony inspired the design of the HULI Round Mirror, which is composed of matte casted brass. This long round mirror will be the main point of any room in which it is placed.

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trending mirror design modern hallway with open space

In an open and wide space, choosing a central point is crucial: choose your favourite trending mirror design and create this marvellous interior where every element is more than a product, it creates a story for everyone who is present in it.

trending mirror design round golden mirror

As lava pours from a volcanic explosion, nature in its purest form flows through this captivating furniture piece. CAY Round Mirror, made of casted brass and flat mirror, depicts nature’s ultimate cry. Allow yourself to hear the call, experience its power, and incorporate it into your urban existence by adding it to your home decor. This round mirror will be the centre of attention in any room.

trending mirror designs black and golden

One of the crucial elements to have in the bathroom is a modern mirror. This is an extremely personal and intimate space, but you shouldn’t lack in the design of it. You can create a trending decor with a luxurious and sophisticated mirror, like th COLOSSEUM Mirror.

Because of its immense size and concentric design, the Colosseum is a rounded oblong mirror inspired by the most recognisable landmarks from Ancient Rome. It has a polished brass frame that is highlighted with an LED strip that wraps around the whole body.

trendbook hellenistic revival

trending mirror designs floor oval mirror

For a modern closet, a modern mirror is the key. You can choose the ideal mirror for the purpose of the room and in this luxurious closet, the COLOSSEUM Floor Mirror is the perfect addition.

Colosseum is a full-length floor mirror with a Nero Marquina marble base and brass trim all around it. The frame construction is made of polished brass tubes that are combined to form an oblong shape. The rings spin 360 degrees, making this mirror versatile and ideal for decorating your luxury bathroom.

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