Top 10 Most Desirable Sofas for Your Living Room

most desirable sofas for your living room

The most desirable sofas will be today’s topic! When we are furnishing our house, we seek practical yet astonishing elements. In the living room, we may have difficulties knowing how to decorate it or even what to choose, but one thing we know: we need a big, comfortable and unique sofa to be the centrepiece of this part of the house. So, let’s dive into the 10 most desirable sofas to give life to your living room (and life)!

Most desirable sofas

Your living room essential

This is a nature-inspired living room set with SIKA 2 Seat Sofa. This wing sofa is inspired by a deer specimen rooted in Japan remarkable for its strength and elegance. Although it is quite simple, this exuberant sofa is the central point of this living room set, making it one of the most desirable sofas.

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So much elegance and vibrancy in this place. This modern living room sure is impressive and all due to WALES Sofa. This sofa does tribute to Wales, the land of castles – it absolutely makes this living room set feel like a private castle. Such a cosy space to welcome your family and friends and spend a good time.

This astonishing sofa was created by the passion of our designers for worldwide culture. DAKOTA Sofa is a soft cotton velvet sofa that adds a bit of luxury to any living room decor. Its unique and precious design clearly makes it one of the most desirable sofas, don’t you think?

What an exclusive sofa design with such a vibrant colour. NAJ 2 Seat Sofa is in cotton velvet with nickeled nails and has the principal figure in this living room decoration. A modern and refined option of furniture decor that assembles this relaxing and pleasing ambience.

A dark palette isn’t always easy to decorate – but it does arouse our creativity. In this living room, although the main colour is black, we feel like there is a lot of vibrance and intensity. This is mainly due to this monumental red velvet sofa. WALES Round Three Sofa has an exclusive format which makes it seems like the perfect place to gather all your friends and family and do a game night, for example.

FITZROY Corner Sofa is more than one of the most desirable sofas, it should be one of the eight wonders of the world. Inspired by Mount Fitz Roy, a mountain in Patagonia, this curved sofa has an outstanding mountain shape making it so enjoyable to watch and enticing to sit. The whole living room feels like coming out of a dream!

What an opulent living room, don’t you agree? GEORGE Sofa is a vivid celebration of history through a distinctive element – it is a time travel to King George Island, one of the largest of the South Shetland Islands. This sofa fits like a glove in this neutral colour palette living room, making it surely one of the most desirable must-have furniture pieces.

A mostly black living room with such vigorous vibes. This is what you get when you mix the never-out-of-date black with the luxurious gold. Even better when you had to the party this ebullient cotton velvet sofa. BOURBON Sofa embodies the grandeur of the French House of Bourbon known for its class and splendour. It adds the same splendour to this living room set – and it definitely is one of the top 10 most desirable sofas to have in your living room.

What an elegant living room with a so peculiar sofa. PEARL Sofa makes a tribute to pearls, an exclusive element used in jewellery and interior design. The same does this channel-tufted lounge sofa to this dusty pink feminine room – it adds some metallic touches but also comfort and charm.

A modern living room with neutral colours and some details in black. At the centre, is the main piece: NAU Sofa is inspired by the first ships to cross the Atlantic. This furniture piece will add the feeling of adventure and discovery to your living room set. Upholstered in cotton velvet, NAU Sofa features a unique and memorable design, making your living room unique and memorable as well – sure one of the most desirable sofas for your living room.

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