2019 Interior Design Trends: Rounded Shapes

Circles have no beginning or end. They can represent the sun, the earth and the moon. They bring a sense of completeness. By adding the right design, this sense of movement can be used to its full capacity. The rounded shapes BRABBU presents here give a sense of femininity and warmth to the products. Come and discover some of the 2019 interior design trends that feature these shapes.

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APIS Dining Table by BRABBU
2019 Interior Design Trends
APIS Dining Table by BRABBU

This piece was inspired by the one of the most important animals in the entire world: the honey bees. The APIS Dining Table features a small table top in stained oak with brass details and a base in matte brass. It’s the right table to be set in a modern dining room, able to bring a sense of closeness to a family dinner.

2019 Interior Design Trends
MECCA Center Table by BRABBU

The MECCA Center Table got their inspiration from architecture, in particular mosques, that not only hold an important spiritual faith for some, but also present beautiful motifs in their architecture. features brushed aged brass matte columns that resemble the architectural heritage from the mosques. This round coffee table will enhance any modern interior design.

2019 Interior Design Trends
ESSEX Armchair by BRABBU

Metamorphosis is the transformation process from caterpillar to butterfly. This process is personified in the creation of the ESSEX Swivel Chair. This chair, upholstered in velvet, features a base in aged brass matte that adds sophistication to a piece that honors nature.

Koi Dining Table

The Koi carp is a very recognizable symbol of Japanese culture. The fish has a strong capacity to adapt, a trait that was transported into the KOI Dining Table. Featuring a base in aged brass and a top in acrylic, this round dining table will add refined elegance to any dining room design.

2019 Interior Design Trends
MANUKA Center Table by BRABBU

The Manuka Center Table was inspired by a very special honey type. Manuka is only found in New Zealand and Australia. This center table personifies a glorious beehive. The aged matte brass structure and bronze glass table top make it the perfect fit for a modern interior design.

2019 Interior Design Trends

The PADAUNG Stool is the perfect balance between strenght and softness. Like its name and shape indicate, this stool is inspired by the Padaung women and the neck rings they wear to symbolize beauty and protection. Featuring a base in brushed aged brass and tilia wood, this is more than a decor piece, it’s a deep symbol of culture.


In an attempt to do an homage to the sun and to all the life and light it transmits, the SOLEIL Wall Light was conceived. With a structure in hammered brass, this wall sconce will expand all over any room like sunlight rays. Discreet yet remarkable, SOLEIL will bring a warm light to a modern home decor.


The famous monolithic statues, found in Easter Islands, known as Moai or Noaki, were the inspiration behind the NOAKI Stool. With its seating in velvet and the base in glossy black lacquer, this contemporary stool is so versatile that can also be used as a table stool, living room stool or as a footstool.


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