Discover the latest collection of BRABBU’s New Sofas

new sofas collection

New Sofas is the latest collection of BRABBU inspired by the modern look sofas that have a touch of contemporary design. This selection of new sofas has the latest trends for any modern interior design, whether it is a hallway or a living room decor. Let’s discover what makes these sofas so unique and be inspired by their essence.

New Sofas

Since the design of the sofa can establish the mood in the room it is in, choosing it correctly to your needs is utterly important. From the colour to the upholstery, this collection of New Sofas has a wide range of sofas that will for sure uplift your home decor.

BRABBU’s New Collection


round three-seater orange velvet sofa

WALES Round Three Sofa is a modern sofa with a contemporary feeling, great for a wide space. Inspired by the Land of Castle which is home to some of the most remarkable Middle Ages monuments, this round three-seater orange velvet sofa would look great in any modern living area.

three-seater sofa in living room design

The solid yellow colour from the WALES Round Three Sofa totally makes the room a lot more bright and filled with life. This sofa is ideal for big gatherings with friends and family where everyone can set together and enjoy the time being. But if a three-seat sofa is too big for you, check the WALES Round Two Sofa below.


curved two seater velvet sofa


classic chesterfield sofa upholstered in velvet

MAREE Single Sofa is a classic chesterfield sofa upholstered in velvet with legs in black matte lacquer full of character. Inspired by the Scottish Loch Maree and the surrounding picturesque mountain with a rugged, this single sofa will for sure add a modern touch to any interior design.

neutral library design with white single chesterfield sofa

In a straightforward library design, the MAREE Single Sofa upholstered in white velvet adds so much elegance. This is the ideal sofa for a comfortable and modern flair. But let’s take a look at the extended version, the MAREE II Sofa.


classic chesterfield two seat sofa upholstered in velvet


round three velvet sofa

The HERA Three Round Sofa, inspired by the magnificent Hera Temple, brings ancient Greek qualities to modern interiors. This three-seater round sofa is ideal for a living room design. This sofa is fully upholstered in twill and will give a modern touch to any interior.

modern living room design with three round sofa

An open space living room with the exquisite HERA Three Round Sofa. This semi-curved velvet sofa is ideal for such a wide space, ready for a big reunion. For a more discrete look, take a look at the amazing HERA Dining Sofa.


VELVET dining sofa


Two-seat sofa

The MAASAI Two Seat Sofa, which is upholstered in satin with legs in gold glossy leaf, will provide you with strength but also a lot of comforts. A piece of mid-century modern furniture that pays homage to the elderly people of the MAASAI tribes, who are highly esteemed.

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