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the most exclusive sofas

The most exclusive Sofas will be today’s theme. A sofa sets the tone for your living room; it is the anchor piece around which the rest of the room is built. The design of the sofa, as well as the other pieces grouped around it, characterise you and your personality in this so intimate room. Today, we will explore some of the best and most exclusive sofa designs from the range of this year’s New products to upgrade your living room design.

New Sofas 2022

modern round green sofa in modern living room

HERA Dining Sofa is the first of the new range of the most exclusive sofas. Inspired by one of the most iconic temples and the epitome of greek architecture, this dining sofa is the perfect choice for a modern dining area. Fully upholstered in velvet, the round design makes the dining time a much more pleasant and comfortable moment.

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modern brown velvet sofa

BORNEO Sofa is the main element in this living room design. Fully upholstered in brown velvet with pinewood legs stained in Wengue Matte, this sofa transforms the room into a place where comfort and style combine together. The unusual design of this sofa is what characterizes it as one of the most exclusive sofas of this year.

modern brown velvet single sofa

The same sofa but in a single version. BORNEO Single Sofa is the right choice for a modern and spacious living room needing a different and unique sofa design. This collection is inspired by the amazing island, Borneo island, the third-largest island in the world whose name derives from the Sanskrit word for ‘water’.

modern and contemporary round three sofa

HERA Round Three Sofa is an opulent yet comfortable sofa to add to any living room design. This huge sofa is the safe choice for a dynamic and vibrant family hold, always ready to invite friends and family to their home. This sofa is inspired by the temple of HERA and it is fully upholstered in twill.

unique sofa design in soft dedar fabric

This stunning sofa, entirely upholstered in a soft Dedar fabric, is one of Draga & Aurel’s most memorable Night Fever pieces. Its distinct appearance adds comfort and flair to any project type, from residential to commercial to premium hotel concepts. XENON Sofa is indeed one of the most exclusive sofas designs to add to your home. Its name derives from the Greek word ‘XENOS,’ which means stranger or ‘rare,’ and refers to the chemical element that can impart very distinctive and intense hues to light.


modern modular sofa in white

The characteristics of the namesake discotheque in Rome, one of the ‘cathedrals’ of Italian nightlife, are echoed in the QUBE sofa: industrial yet minimalist style, updated with a contemporary and high-tech touch. Because it is the modern furniture piece that outlines the road to becoming a new amazing living space, for one or multiple people, this modular sofa is also a subtle call to conviviality.

irregular sofa design in green

ANCUD, known for its lush foliage and vibrant terrains, has one of the most magnificent settings in the world, which could only serve as the inspiration for this exquisite sofa. Upholstered in a deep green velvet fabric that resembles the plant life oozing from the cleanest fields, with a capitoné finish that replicates the feel of the terrain’s various heights – this is one of the most exclusive sofa designs you want to add to your list of 2022 rarities.

modern curved sofa in grey and brown

SENZU is one of the most exclusive sofas that embodies the pinnacle of comfort, utility, and luxury. This modern leather sofa has a rounded shape and a neutral colour scheme. Senzu provides an integrated side table with a Kenya black marble top and stainless steel base in one of its extremities, adding a new depth to the notion of a living room sofa.

comfortable and luxurious brown velvet sofa

The ALGERONE sofa was designed to reflect the ultimate reflection of comfort and elegance in a single element. This linear sofa, upholstered in smooth brown velvet, underlines the Algerone family’s signature classical forms and geometric characteristics. The Algerone sofa is sure to become the envy of any living room decor.

elegant vintage and contemporary style sofa

SOLEIL Sofa is a fusion of styles and sensations. The goal is to invoke, provoke, and evoke, inspired by the spirit and mission of the famed Cirque de Soleil. In this stunning vintage and contemporary style sofa, soft, sensual curves tenderly envelop the occupant. Aside from the top levels of comfort, the modern sofa’s brass elements wonderfully match the exquisite lines of a timeless piece.

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