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LUNA villa projects

LUNA is an innovative and dynamic design company based in Doha, Qatar since 2013.
Through their design, they are able to offer their clients unique and exclusive spaces featuring pure elegance and quality.

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LUNA takes every project as a new challenge, interpreting the needs and wishes of the client. Their expertise is extensive in all areas as residential, hospitality, workspace, retail, branding and tailor-made furniture. This design company was born to create a new way of understanding the world of design, furniture, interior and exterior decoration. LUNA works to create art, always searching the natural beauty and quality, giving their design a unique personality and bearing in mind the vanguard of contemporary design, simple and balanced.


Luna Residental Projects

Today we are going to present you with three of the best residential projects of LUNA. These projects are two private residences and one private villa, all of them in Doha, Qatar.

LUNA Private Residence 1

modern living room, green armchair, gold and black centre table, pink sofas with green and white pillows, luna
modern bedroom, blue and white pillows, blue and white rug, blue armchair, gold bedside table , luna
modern living room, gold and bege armchair, gold and black centre table, gold and green sofas, luna
modern living room, gold and green armchair, black and white pillows and blue pillows, gold and black side table, luna

A modern yet luxurious residence. LUNA pull out a great design in this home with such a great palette of colours.

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Inspired By the Look


Inspired By the Look

A perfect bedroom is a perfect way to really unite your interior design under the same style. Here, you can see a perfect combination between the NAICCA Pendant Light as well as the CAY Side Table, creating a feeling of greatness.

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LUNA Private Residence 2

modern living room, white sofas with yellow pillows, yellow bar chairs, white suspension lights, luna
modern living room, pink armchairs, white sofa whith pink and grey pillows, black and grey centre table, white suspension light , luna
modern living room, gold suspension lights, white armchairs, blue sofa, gold centre table, blue dining chairs, luna

This residence is another perfect example of the great design by LUNA. This work results in a timeless, functional and welcoming home.

Inspired By the Look


Inspired By the Look

The “Untamed” La Finca Home in Madrid features a Modern and Contemporary Bar that will provide good moments to the guests. It consists of a KOI Bar and is accompanied by two KAROO II Counter Stools, with a seating upholstered in velvet and a swivel base in brushed aged brass matte. We have two glossy brass SAKI Pendant Lights and CYRUS Table Light made of gold plated brass for an extra touch of sparkle and elegance.

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LUNA Private Villa

modern living room, black sofas, yellow armchairs with black pillows, black and gold side tables , luna
modern bedroom, white suspension light, pink and white bed side table, white sofa , white and gold bench, white and grey rug , luna
modern living room, white sofas with pink, blue and white pillows, white armchairs, gold side table, gold and white centre table, gold suspension light , luna

A private villa, in Doha, Qatar by LUNA. With a terrific design, implemented in a big space a feeling of radiance, modernity, and intensity.

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