AEA Designs – Doha Residential Projects


AEA Designs is a design firm based in Doha, Qatar. Their team is composed of professional designers from around the world with diverse experiences, and they are prepared to deliver luxury to your home and make your dream come true.

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AEA Designs

The company’s objective is to carry out projects that are not only focused on aesthetics. For this, AEA Designs creates partnerships that allow it to achieve its clients’ goals and provide differentiated, responsive, and efficient solutions. These partnerships are carried out with international design companies with the most relevant knowledge for each project, using international experiences and the latest practices in design and construction, resulting in fantastic residential projects, as we will see. 


AEA Designs creates personalized spaces according to the needs of each client. Projects for the residential sector include:

  • Villas, townhouses, and palaces: delivering luxury in domestic architecture, AEA Designs brings turnkey villas, townhouses, and palaces that provide ultimate comfort and spacious areas;
  • Lofts and penthouses: by customizing spaces, penthouses are designed as a personal sanctuary for the client’s needs;
  • Planes and yachts: customization of mobile spaces, both sea, and air, is undergone by AEA Designs, taking into the fact the unique need of comfort and luxury of the space.

We are going to present some of the best residential projects of AEA Designs.

AEA Designs – Residential Projects

AEA Designs – Private Villa 1


As you can see, in this villa they opted for a modern style, resulting in a splendid work.

Inspired by the Look


Inspired by the Look

Elegance and simplicity come together in this bar stand located at the Portrait Office. The MAMBU Bar Console seamlessly blends with the rest of the home office design, creating a unique and sophisticated leisure zone. The UMLAZA Rug by Rug’Society, 100% handmade, combines the use of hand-tufted, over tufting and carving techniques with different materials – Natural Wool and Botanical Silk.


AEA Designs – Private Villa 2


Once again, this project is inspired in modern style with a lot of elegance and luxury.

Inspired by the Look


Inspired by the Look

The perfect colour scheme can be found in this modern living room. Filled with white and gold, this room is completed with two NAJ Armchairs, a LURAY Centre Table alongside four MECCA II Side Tables and, to highlight the lower level we have the AMIK Table lights. To complete the entire room, we can find the WHITE Garden Rug and the stunning NAICCA Suspension Light.


AEA Designs – Private Villa 3


Like the other villas, this project is inspired in modern style resulting in a magnificent luxury villa.

Inspired by the Look


Inspired by the Look

Neutral colours when combined with the brightness of small details are increasingly an option when you want to decorate a home as they make spaces more refined and welcoming at the same time. This dining room is composed of two beautiful NUKA Armchairs, upholstered in cotton velvet, and features the golden details of the CAY Side Table and CAY Wall Lights.

AEA Designs – Private Villa 4


Unlike the other projects, this villa is inspired in a more classic style, but the result continues to be an incredible luxury and elegant villa.


AEA Designs – Private Villa 5


Unlike the previous project, this villa is, once again, inspired in a classic style. The result is the beautiful home you can see in the pictures. These were five residential project examples of AEA Designs. As you can see, AEA Designs work with a modern and classic style, proving that they are very versatile. They will make your dream home come true.

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