Interior Designers India – Top 20

Top 20 Interior Designers India

Interior Designers India – Top 20 to get inspired by and fall in love with. India is the seventh-largest country in the world and it definitely has a lot to offer when it comes to design.

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Aamir & Hameeda

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Aamir & Hameeda

Aamir & Hameeda started in 2000 as an experimental luxury interior design studio, and for over 19 years, this studio has helped revolutionise contemporary and avant-garde interior décor in India, with stunning projects to back their portfolio. With amazing projects in both, residential and commercial areas, Aamir Hameeda has years and projects to back up their vision of forward-thinking design with contemporary taste.


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Design Qube

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Design Qube

Design Qube is a company formed by a team of architects and interior designers with a range of services like architecture design, interior design, landscape architecture, project management, turnkey contracting and civil construction.

With such a different set of projects, they happen to be a design partner when it comes to turning ideas into reality. Based in four cities, Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Jaipur, Design Qube is one of the best companies in India.

Specialised also in architectural design, the Mango Tree – a farmhouse in Chennai – represents their creativity. The starting point was the basic shapes like squares and rectangles and from there, one of a kind concept was built.

From interior design to design buildings, Design Qube always goes for a combination of elements. Houses of Shade – a villa – had a minimalistic design approach with a sense of having every element with both visually and functionally purposes.

Gauri Khan Designs

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Gauri Khan

The world knows her one way or the other – Gauri Khan Designs. The stylish interior designer that has a passion for neutrals and luxury design has captured the world with her true essence of design. With a low key colour palette and a Kelly Hoppen aura, the interior designer is all about getting the old and the new in one setting – creating then an intense and appealing aesthetic like no other.

All in one setting with an incredible and timeless experience in decor, Gauri Khan Designs is all about making dreams come true. 2018 was a big year in the world of interior designer Gauri Khan. The founder and chief executive of Gauri Khan Designs have established herself as one of the must-see must follow interior designers.

With a flair for the dramatic, the designer was enlisted as Fortune India Most Powerful Women list of 2018 and from jumping from one project to the other, 2018 was one of the many shining years for the designer. 

With a signature of timelessness and opulence, the world of Gauri Khan Designs is all about creating each and every space dedicated to each client. From designing nurseries to the most appealing bachelor pads, the spotlight of Gauri Khan is just getting started.

La Sorogeeka

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – La Sorogeeka


Based in India, La Sorogeeka has been reshaping our concept of luxury interior design. It doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the leading interior design solution companies in India is reshaping and making us fall in love with India’s interior design scene all over again.

 First established in 1985 in Noida, La Sorogeeka has evolved to become what is now one of the leading interior design solution brands in the world. They choose to focus their work mainly on trying to translate “extravagant fantasies into well-designed functional spaces that anthropomorphise grandeur, richness, and opulence.” The end results are always amazing spaces that embody everything we could ever hope for in a luxury interior design.

Working with the best interior designers in India, and a top-notch team, La Sorogeeka specialises in the design, build and fit-out of luxury hotels, palaces, airports, corporate towers, and convention centres within the commercial, residential and hospitality project domains.

Manit Rastogi

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Manit Rastogi

Manit Rastogi is known as the Founder Partner of the Architecture Company – Morphogenesis – involved in architecture and urban designs.  Manit Rastogi is a renowned professional in the field, and he has already won over 75 international and national awards. Actually, he was the first Indian to win a World Architecture Festival Award, in 2009. 

All the projects of the Indian Design company are specific and unique. Attention to detail and organisation is the key to success. Morphogenesis believes that it is important to understand the client’s needs, as well as associate and create a concept that allies aesthetics and functionality. The practice operates in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Afghanistan and the UAE.

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Morph Design

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Morph Design

Based in Bangalore, India, and founded by Anjum Jung, Morph Design has become one of the most exciting interior design companies in India. Ms Jung’s holistic approach to design and execution might have something to do with Morph Design. 

Morph Design looks at the big picture when designing a new project, what makes them so intrinsically connected with this idea of sustainability and local production.

To make their holistic approach whole, the interior design studio makes sure to work locally with nothing but the best materials and craftsmen from their own workshop in Bangalore. This is what allows them to keep focused on creating timeless and classic spaces with a signature eclectic style.

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Pinakin Design

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Pinakin Design

Pinakin Design LLP is a leading luxury design studio and brand that is known for setting trends all the way from India to the entire world. Founded by Pinakin Patel, this brand blends modern sensibilities, aesthetics rooted in Indian heritage and a natural tendency for bespoke interiors.

Providing the best of both worlds in one single team of professionals, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this interior design jewel. With extensive experience in leading projects both in India and internationally, Pinakin Design LLP can easily make all your dreams come true, as it does to clients worldwide. 

Pushing design boundaries through an imaginative portfolio is what defines this design studio and brand, providing incredible projects that stay true to their roots but never forgetting the clients’ vision. Even so, Pinakin knows best and never ceases to surprise. Pinakin Design LLP is all about limitless expression.

Residential or commercial, this brand always hits the spot in an unprecedented way with every single project. Modern elements, outstanding furniture pieces, detail-oriented and Indian aesthetics are what makes this one of the most special luxury brands in the market. You can never go wrong with a bit of Pinakin in your life.

Raja Aederi

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Raja Aederi

Raja Aederi is of the masters when we speak about India Interior Design.  Raja learned from Frank Lloyd Wright, worked in the USA and UK on buildings like Warner Brothers and Hilton Pane. Raja has now one of the most experienced companies in India operating on interior design and architecture.

Rajiv Saini

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Rajiv Saini

Founded in 1995 by Rajiv Saini, the award-winning practice of Rajiv Saini and Associates (RSA) has established itself as one of the leading design studios in the country. Blending contemporary design with exquisitely crafted details, the practice specializes in residential and hospitality design. The Rajiv Saini has projects spread all over the world, from Dubai, Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom achieving multiple awards when it comes to fabulous interiors.

Ravish Vohra

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Ravish Vohra

Ravish Vohra has been in the bespoke lifestyle industry since 1992 and he has developed a true passion for architecture and interiors. This drive to create incredible high-end luxury design has to lead him to the success he has now, being one of the best interior designers in India. It all started with a passion in the bespoke lifestyle industry and it escalated into a love for architecture and interiors.

This need for design in his life has turned into the business and passion of a lifetime, naturally bringing to life Ravish Vohra Home, his own store, launched in October 2010 and showcasing the best of the luxury lifestyle. 

Creativity and technology, glamour and functionality, quality and innovation: these are the factors that, combined, gave birth to the lasting success of Ravish Vohra. The undeniable touch and eye for the high-end luxury lifestyle.

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 Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Savio Rupa Interior Concepts

Award-winning Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts company comes from Bangalore, with their unique, contemporary interiors. The multifaceted interior design firm founded by Savio Michael and Rupa Savio perfectly illustrates what we have been saying for a while now: India’s interior design scene is fast growing to become one of the most luxurious markets on the planet. 

The first thing to note about Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts is that they believe in the importance of partnering with customers. Simply put, they don’t work for, they work with. The interior designers partner up with a few selected, and exclusive customers each year and dedicate all their time to creating contemporary interiors that are striking and dazzling, always on a turnkey basis. 

Working with the best German and Italian components, accessories, and materials, Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts ensure the best-fitting concept to each of their client’s needs. These include French-style villas, Scandinavian-inspired flats, as well as the most premium, exclusive contemporary interiors for the luxury and ultra-luxury segments the Bangalore-based studio keeps working with.

Shabnam Gupta

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Shabnam Gupta

Shabnam Gupta is a New Generation Indian Designer that runs a top designer studio called – The Orange Lane. She specialises in both commercial and residential projects. Her expertise is in techniques related to space management to make the best out of the least. She’s one of the Top Celebrity Designers in India and a voice for Empowering Women in the Design Industry. With a style that favours colour, space and modern twists, Gupta is clearly one of India’s top designers.

Shernavaz Bharucha

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Shernavaz Bharucha

Shernavaz Interiors is a Bangalore based team of professional interior designers with over 30 years of experience in delivering world-class projects. It’s led by the incredible Shernavaz Bharucha who specialises in creating state of the art residences, commercial and hospitality projects in south India. Shernavaz Bharucha has firmly established herself as one of the most talented interior designers in Bangalore. Her style is defined as classic meets contemporary.

That’s what we find in many of the projects presented by this personality of design in India. She is known for going the extra mile for her clients, finding exactly what you need for your next project. 

She carries this philosophy with every project they work on, a team of professionals that is sure to bring the refinement and elegance that Shernavaz Bharucha is known for. Delivering premier luxury design in a professional manner without compromising on quality and client comfort is the motto of this interior design firm.

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Simone Dubash Pandole

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Simone Dubash Pandole

Simone Dubash is seen as the go-to designer for almost any Indian project that is looking for a low-key and laid-back interior design décor. She’s a versatile designer that has worked alongside some of the greatest interior design brands in India. She is recognised by incredible projects that stand out for a traditional style, perfectly matching with a Bollywood décor trend, which reflects on her uniqueness.

Sussanne Khan

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Sussanne Khan

Known as The Charcoal Project, Sussanne Khan’s studio first saw the light of day in 2011, establishing itself as “India’s first and most unique design concept store” and eventually changing the meaning of curated interior design in India.

 It is easy to understand why Sussanne Khan is one of the top interior designers in India. The Mumbai-born interior designer obtained an Associate Arts Degree in Interior Design from Brooks College, Long Beach, California in the year 1995, having designed her first project in 1996.

Further through the years, she has practised her unique style of interior design, in which she uses metal, wood, natural fibre’s, concrete, geometric patterns embellishments, which are then all mixed together “to create what she calls quiet luxe, her signature style“. 

In 2011, Khan developed and established her biggest project. A concept store and design studio, The Charcoal Project. Along with a team of architects, interior and product designers, Sussanne has created many conceptual projects that range from residential private homes, destination villas to commercial offices and model show apartments for various leading real estate companies.

Tanya Gani

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Tanya Gani

Tanya Gani is one of the most prominent Interior Designers in India, whose work has spread across India borders to Italy, the Middle East and Nepal. Along with residential projects, she has also been designing restaurants and bars. 

Tanya Gani graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi, India and completed her Masters in Interior Design from Florence, Italy where she was awarded the Elite Student Award of the FDA. She’s currently one of the Top Indian Design Scene Names to watch.

The KariGhars

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – The KariGhars

With years of experience, the Indian Design Company has the main goal to transform your houses into homes. To achieve that goal, the team of professionals are by the client’s side from the very beginning to the final result. The professionals believe that understanding the clients’ needs and wishes, having in consideration aesthetics and functionality, are the key to success.

The team consists of the best interior designers in Bangalore that came together to form The Karighars, and the values are what we most admire in this company. The trick is not only professionalism and architecture and design knowledge but also the understanding of simple aspects such as ‘beauty and ‘harmony’.


Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – TPA

Founded in Mumbai in 1964 by Noshir D. Talati, Talati & Panthaky Associated (TPA) is a premier consultancy firm that has been growing and specialising in architecture, interior design, and construction administration for the past 50 years.

Wanting to stand out from the competition and excel as a company known for its dedication, transparency, quality, and service, TPA provided outstanding design services, delivered by a team of over 300 people comprised of architects, interior designers, engineers, draughtsman and support staff. 

Having worked in many interior design and architecture projects over the years, TPA has gained an indisputable reputation as one of the biggest names in the design industry in Mumbai. 

Twinkle Khana

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – Twinkle Khana

Twinkle Khana is an author, newspaper columnist, film producer, former film actress and interior designer that’s considered one of the biggest Indian Influences within the Design Industry. After leaving the acting business, Khanna ventured into interior designing and, currently, is the co-owner of The White Window, a chain of interior designing stores that operates in Mumbai. 

Even though she doesn’t have a professional degree and learned the design skills required by working with an architect for two years, Khanna is enjoying quite successful in this industry and, in recent years, has produced a wide range of spectacular design projects.

ZZ Architects

Interior Designers India - Top 20
Top 20 Interior Designers India – ZZ Architects

Over the past few years, ZZ Architects has emerged as a leading full-service in luxury interior design and architecture, a firm based in Mumbai that has taken the design world by storm with its incredible projects. 

ZZ Architects is a multidisciplinary and multi-award-winning design firm led by Principal Architects Krupa Zubin and Zubin Zainuddin that is by now considered one of the top interior design firms in India. With stunning projects across the country that are simply irresistible, we can understand why this interior design firm is at the top of everyone’s list. 

With a team of over 60 Architects and Interior Designers, ZZ Architects was born with a clear goal and vision to spread the best of luxury design and architecture across key cities in the country, and also select cities globally, with clients including leaders in business, finance and industry, as well as society, film and politics.

This firm used the NAMIB Armchair in their Jain Apartment in Mumbai.

Interior Designers India - Top 20

Namib desert is one of the oldest and largest deserts in the world and NAMIB Armchair pays tribute to it. This powerful accent chair is upholstered in satin cotton and has legs in high gloss black lacquered, embodying an invigorating strength. It is the perfect twist on a classic product that will transform any living room set.


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