20 Best Interior Designers From Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a city filled with the best design imaginable, with a fantastic contemporary scene throughout the city. The interior designers present on this list offer only the best solutions and strategies to create spaces that combine functionality with a unique artistic vision. Discover a full list of the 20 Best Interior Designers From Kuala Lumpur.

1. AJM Interiors

AJM Interiors is an established interior design company with over 20 years of experience in a diverse portfolio – of commercial, residential, retail, and institutional projects.

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2. B&N Design Associate

B&N Design Associate was established in 2006 and its mission is to provide customers with creative and quality services for interior design.

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3. Blaine Robert Design

Blaine Robert Design is a boutique interior design house aimed at crafting functional spaces to meet their client’s needs and vision while embodying the signature Blaine Robert Design touch. This company’s design portfolio ranges from residential, hospitality, retail, offices, galleries, and commercial spaces.


4. Decorexion Interior Design

Decorexion Interior Design believes that the best way to create the perfect home is the hassle-free way. With a team of contractors and design and build services, it offers a one-stop solution to your interior design needs.

5. DMZ International Design Group

DMZ International Design Group is a group that owns different companies specialized in specific areas such as interior fit-out contracts, design consultancy services, to the manufacturing of custom-made furniture.

6. Interior Plus Design

Interior Plus Design is made up of partnerships between young, creative, and experienced, possessing an in-depth understanding of the demands and expectations of their consumers.

7. IQI Concept

IQI Concept specializes its work in residential and commercial turnkey solutions for a wide clientele from different industries. They provide interior solutions for clients who want to create the perfect home or office environment.

8. Latitude Design

Latitude Design gives one-to-one consultations. Being an expert in modern classical style gives them the ability to adapt to any other interior style as this type of work requires a balance between classic principles and modern concepts.

9. Luca Interior Design & Build

Luca Interior Design & Build has extensive experience in designing and constructing private properties which require the best in design and finishes.

10. Norm Designhaus

Norm Designhaus is composed of a team of professional, creative, energetic interior designers with talents and experience that can guide you through the flawless and timely execution of any office and home renovation project.

11. Omers Design

Omers Design was established in 2009 and has won multiple awards. This interior design group focus on various interior design consultation job, interior decoration, turnkey interior projects, space planning, and architecture in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas.

12. One Roof Design

One Roof Design has an established team of experienced and dynamic professionals specializing in interior design, build, and renovation services. The company provides a one-stop solution of creative services under one roof for residential and commercial projects.

13. Pow Ideas

Pow Ideas was created by the light designer Jun Ong and the landscape architect Kyle Yon. They were the first Malaysian architects to showcase their work at the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019.

14. SQFT Space Design Management 

SQFT Space Design Management offers outstanding design and incredible value for private residences, corporate offices, and retail establishments.  From the most minor project to the largest, their singular objective is to work with clients to create an environment that transcends the mundane into signature works of art that engage the senses.

15. TDI – Turn Design Interior

TDI – Turn Design Interior is an established interior design and construction company based in Kuala Lumpur since 1998. The company has been awarded many contracts and tenders participated, both from the government as well as from the Private Sector.

16. TKS Interior Design

TKS Interior Design is a company that works with interior design and architecture. Their main goal is to reach a consensus from the client’s living habits to the design of aesthetics.

17. Urban Designs Studio

Urban Designs Studio is all about being unique and improving the world one design at a time. Their main goal is to lead the local design scene with its consistent team and excellent achievements in their projects.

18. Viyest Interior Design

Viyest Interior Design is a group of home renovation contractors and other industry-related professionals such as carpenters, interior design professionals, plumbers, and electricians.

19. VSQ Design Decorate & Styling

VSQ Design Decorate & Styling is known for transforming small residential spaces into elegantly dazzling interiors. Recently, the founder, Shini Raman, tried her hand at designing furniture, resulting in the creation of her very own bespoke Shelled lounge chair for a client. 


20. Young Studio

Steph Low created young Studio in 2015. This studio now designs chic urban residential properties with numerous design awards, including one from Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2018.


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