Samoo: Environment Friendly Architectural Legacy

While having dedicated the past 40 years to rapid growth that ran parallel with Korea’s economic development, Samoo seeks to become a responsible partner that offers the best service in realising the vision of their clients as well as improving their architectural environment and creating a legacy for future generations.

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Samoo - Garak Market Redevelopment
Samoo – Garak Market Redevelopment
Samoo – Institute for Basic Science

Samoo Architects & Engineers is a global architecture company which provides a total solution covering from architectural, urban, interior, sustainable design to engineering. Since 1976, Samoo has completed about 8,000 projects. The more than 100 award winning records explain Samoo’s design competence which has been refined throughout the last 40 years.

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Samoo - Korea Western Power
Samoo – Korea Western Power
Samoo – National Library of Korea, Sejong

Samoo has won all the three biggest design awards such as Red Dot, IDEA and iF Design Award, and through that, Samoo has proved its superiority in design to the world. Also, in addition to architectural design, Samoo has a rich experience in designing a high-tech industry facility like a semi-conductor or pharmaceutical factory.

Samoo - National Research Center for Endangered Species
Samoo – National Research Center for Endangered Species
Samoo – Poongmoon High School

Samoo provides comprehensive and reasonable ways to help carry out real-estate investigations, business planning, feasibility analysis and scale reviews, market research, and authorisation obtaining processes. All of this helps optimise practical uses for realty pertaining to land, buildings, and facilities. From a financial perspective, they offer information that is extremely helpful in the clients’ business decision-making process.

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Buildings, cities and the urban environment cannot be separated as they act as an integrated entity. Samoo’s urban design team is composed of specialists who collaborate with experts from civil engineering, landscape architecture, and many other multi-disciplinary fields. The urban design team at Samoo aims to maximise the efficiency of land usage through the establishment of a comprehensive plan that enables the project goals and satisfies the environmental factors as well.

Samoo - Taekwondowon
Samoo – Taekwondowon
Samoo – Ecorium of the National Ecological Institute

The interior Design Team at Samoo specialises in bringing an outstanding design to all areas of the interior environment. They combine exceptional quality with clear design values coupled with responsibility for the environment. During the design phase, they offer custom levels of service, a breadth of products, and a depth of knowledge to personalise the design experience for our clients. Through various collaborative efforts with architects and the cumulative knowledge over many projects, Samoo continues to provide clients with spaces that fulfil their needs and appeals to their sense of style.

Samoo has continued technology based sustainable design research through environmental analysis, airflow analysis, and energy simulation, and provided sustainable design standards by establishing sustainable data libraries and guidelines. These were the foundations on which they successfully completed pilot projects such as the future housing prototype Green Tomorrow and Eco Energy R&D Centre which integrates elements of sustainable technology. Such sustainable design solutions are integrated and applied to all of their projects.

Samoo - Korea Food Research Institute
Samoo – Korea Food Research Institute
Samoo – Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement

Samoo Design is performing a project life cycle of design, engineering, construction and maintenance using the turnkey method. This utilises the company’s advanced technical power and various experiences. Also, facility management suggests reasonable and effective management method for specific space such as organisation, task functioning and furniture equipment, and machinery by pursuing effective utilisation and redistribution that avoids the framework of simply maintaining and managing the business assets such as land and facilities.

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Every project, every site and every client has a different story to tell. From ideas and dreams to reality, this is where Samoo positions itself. With over 40 years of cumulative knowledge from various projects including office, cultural, high-tech industrial, healthcare and biotechnology, residential, mixed-use, and other projects, Samoo aims to support their clients with a comprehensive vision, that brings out the hidden potentials in every project.


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