Top 5 : A European Design Inspiration! Why not?

Europe. When we are thinking about a nature inspired design, we are thinking about Africa or Asia and their millenium traditions and incredible landscapes ! However, we are forgoting Europe with its extraordinary rich patrimony and its landscapes that are breathing charm and beauty. Europe is, indeed, a unlimited source of inspiration for design. I invite you to discover how BRABBU get inspired by its european roots byt the way of some of its products !

The BASTEI console

Top 5 : Une inspiration européenne ? Pourquoi pas ! BASTEI

The BASTEI Console looks incredibly organic at the first approach. Its design, composed of interweaved golden shapes, gives it a liquid appearance, like a melting golden bar. We have difficulties to understand how the walnut wood top above is keeping its balance …

Top 5 : Une inspiration européenne ? Pourquoi pas ! Bastei bridge

… and then, we understand that those golden voluptious forms are inspired by the Bastei bridge in Saxon Switzerland, Germany. Those Sandstone mountains above the Elbe river saw the construction of the bridge during the 19th century. A bridge that is, as you can see, fully adapted to their shapes.

Top 5 : Une inspiration européenne ? Pourquoi pas ! WhatsApp Image 2019 01 31 at 14

Today, this golden incarnation of the Bastei bridge adorn with a splendid subtlety any hall or living room of character interiors.

The BOURBON dinning chair

Top 5 : Une inspiration européenne ? Pourquoi pas ! BOURBON

Bourbon, it is a chair upholstered with a delicate capitoné velvet supported by 4 foots covered with walnut leaf. In résumé, it is a product that would make any good family from the french aristocraty blushing.


Top 5 : Une inspiration européenne ? Pourquoi pas ! Versailles

However, this delightfull chair is in first place inspired by the great dinasty Bourbon, the last French kings. The family reach the power thanks to the Heart King, Henry IV and get dismissed during the bloody french revolution that saw the head of Louis XVI falling in 1792.

Top 5 : Une inspiration européenne ? Pourquoi pas ! llardo nyc 80

Today, it is a tribute to the family that made France rule the world and owned Louis XIV that BRABBU decided to create this chair. In opposition to what we might think seeing its really classical style, it is perfectly adapted to a sofisticated, asia oriented interiors as the prestigious brand LLADRÓ show it on its New-York showroom. Take a look above !

LALLAN Center table

Top 5 : Une inspiration européenne ? Pourquoi pas ! LALLAN

The Lallan center table is in complete contradiction with the rest of the BRABBU collection. A north european design, straight lines, sobre colors, it is a really contemporary style.


Top 5 : Une inspiration européenne ? Pourquoi pas ! 73ba1b37d336b3ed50e7ddc34e6039d1

The cause ? Lallan is inspired by the lowland of Scotland where is concentrated the major part of the population, while the highlands are the agricultural lungs of the country. Lallan is it the urban Scotland leads by Edimburg, Glasgow and Aberdeen. In résumé, it is the northern inspiration that guided the designers in the creation of this center table.

The KOBEN Suspension light

Koben - A Danish design

Let’s fly, one more time in direction of the North european countries by discovering the KOBEN suspension. Made of brushed copper and aged brass, this suspension remember us clearly its Danish origins with straigh lines and an extremely minimalistic design!


Top 5 : Une inspiration européenne ? Pourquoi pas ! 3d391141688560f604750831474fa0fb

København, it is the story of a fishermen village that ended by becoming the biggest city of Denmark, the beautiful Copenhagen. The danish capital, that we think is born arounf the 11th century was already populated by brave vikings that new how to build the foundations of the city we know nowadays. It is as a tribute to them that the Koben suspension was created.

Le canapé MAREE

Maree - A scotish design

Maree, it is a sofa with volutpious shapes, covered by a soft velvet inspired by the north sea. With a really sofisticated gaits, it is giving us the wish to lie softly on it, picturing being on one of those charming mansions hidded on the scotish highlands.

Top 5 : Une inspiration européenne ? Pourquoi pas ! a3566e899ca1d38b68bb226da59d9dd9

The phenomenon of Maree is the variation of the sea level in seas and oceans caused by gravitationnal strenghts amoung what the moon and the Sun. This violent phenomenon  is sculpting the cliffs giving them their raw shapes. It is inspired by the Maree that BRABBU created this sofa.

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