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Africa is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. From its dimension, its culture and its natural and human patrimony. It is almost impossible to not develop your creative mind while traveling on the black continent. BRABBU took from Africa a huge inspiration and created a large range of products entirely inspired by those vasts lands. With a raw and natural design, made of cosmopolitan lines, I invite you to discover some of those pieces in the article below.




Large of 1.20 meters, this center table is inspired by the most famous islamic city in the world, The Mecque. Located on the west side of Saudi Arabia, it is face to this millenial city that the muslim believers are turned to pray and where several thousands of them are going in each year for a huge pilgrimage. We can distinctively notice that the shape of the brass archs of the table is inspired by the archs of the city.





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This table is a majestuous piece. The organic foot is made of brass and the table top is a real slice of an oak three. The design in itself is looking for power and the name of the piece is showing it off : APIS. APIS is a legendary god from Egypt. A majestuous and powerfull bull that is taking the appearance of life in all its stages. First, the creation, because APIS is the son of Ptah, then life, with the sun disk between his horns and finally death because of Osiris. To conclude, this table represent life from its roots.






It is too easy. NAMIB is inspired by the deep namibian desert. All of you already saw those stunning images of the namibian threes, which, at the sunset take the appearance of a master painting. Those black threes on the sunset are here represented by the vernish black in contrast with a silky yellow, all of it adapted on a classic design which will decorate every living room.







The MAASAI or etymologically,”the ones who are speaking MAA” kare nown to be warrior people for eastern Africa. They are living between the Kenyan mountains and the tallest mount of Africa, the Kilimandjaro. Maasai, are a half-nomadic people that are building their accomodations following their travels. Those small oval houses are mainly made of twigs and mud, and it is around them that the perpetual migration of the Maasai is organised. This unique piece invite its user to comfort and give an intense protective feeling.






With long and slim legs and an agressive and sharped beak, Ibis is the bird that was used by the egyptian to refer to the moon by the way of the god Thot. Managing moon cycles, he finally get the nickname of “Lord of Times”. Thot has the power of knowledge and understanding. As the god’s scribe, he embodied smartness and expression power. It is accordingly to all of this that BRABBU decided to create a piece of its collection inspired by him.







Karoo is an half-desertic zone from South-Africa, bordered by mountains. Considered since ever as an extreme zone by all the adventurers and explorators that crossed it, this desert show off an intense warm, stunning freezes, inondations, and droughts. With a straightens design on its top, this bar chair is inspired by the plateaux of this arid desert.






HORUS is the Sun but also the Moon. HORUS represent the sky in egyptian mythology and is also one of the most powerfull god of the egyptian culture. Accordingly, this suspension which handle the same name is inspired by the divinity, thanks to its brass globs. Its large and imposant structure allows to somptuously brighten all the surfaces of a room.






Musa I, King and Emperor of the very wealthy Islamic African Empire of Mali, is considered as one of the most powerfull man of his times. He is the inspiration of this large brass fireplace. With an imposant and dominant aspect, it is to this concquerant king that this piece is dedicated.



Here are some examples of what Africa can inspired to modern design. It is only represented a small sample of what we can create today from this inexhaustible source of inspiration. From the breath taking landscapes to the millenial kingdoms and empires and finally with the mythes and legends, the cradle of humankind still has plenty of secrets to make you discover.


Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU

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