TOP 5 : Asia is Inspiring BRABBU

BRABBU is first of all inspired by the nature and by the cultures of the world. Consequently, it is an evidence to find Asia inspired pieces on the brand’s collection. With a millennium history, Asia is the birth place of several elementary inventions such as the paper, the powder and even the compass. The eastern continent also houses some of the most splendid landscapes and monuments in the world, let’s dream about the Taj Mahal in India, the Huangshan Mountains in China and the Arashiyama Bambouseraie in the country of the rising sun. I invite you in this article to travel to Asia by the way of 5 BRABBU pieces fully inspired by this great continent.


AGRA Dinning table

TOP 5 : l'Asie Inspire BRABBU agra dining table 1 2

The AGRA dinning table is entirely made of marble. Inspired by the Taj Mahal in India, it couldn’t be made out of another material. The famous monument is, in  fact an exceptionnal mausoleum built in the 17th century by Shah Jahan. This moghol emperor, widower since 1631, after the death of his third and favorite wife, decided to edified this majestuous marble building as a tribute to her. In memory if this romantic episode of indian history, this elegant table made of Estremoz marble and detailed of shinning brass, was created by BRABBU.


Asia is Inspiring BRABBU



TOP 5 : l'Asie Inspire BRABBU padaung stool 1 HR


PADAUNG, also nammed KAYAN, are a tribe Tibeto-Burman mainly known for their long neck women. These, are wearing a long brass tube all around their neck. This practice never really had any explanation, it can be to protect them from Tiger bites, to make them less attractives or to avoid them slavery. Anyway, BRABBU wished to give a tribute to this culture and create this wood stool surrounded by brass circles.


Asia is Inspiring BRABBU


HUANG Sideboard

TOP 5 : l'Asie Inspire BRABBU Buffet HUANG


The HUANGSHAN Mountains are a true monument in China. Also called the yellow mountains and located on the eastern China, they are composed of granite and are most of the time drowned under clouds. Those mountains are globally known for their beauty and inspired the HUANG sideboard sculpted with the same forms ad the oriental chineese mountains.


Asia is Inspiring BRABBU


The GOBI Rug


TOP 5 : l'Asie Inspire BRABBU Gobi Rug


In the south of Mongolia, on the border with China, is a large desert of one million of square kilometers. The area is extreme because temperatures can moove between 38ºC at the maximum and -43ºC at the minimum. In opposition to the global idea, this desert is made of stones and not of sand and is covered of mountains and hills. We can find back on the drawing of the GOBI Rug the lines representing the fragmented floor of the famous Mongole desert, one of the biggest in the world.


Asia is Inspiring BRABBU


The KOI Collection

TOP 5 : l'Asie Inspire BRABBU koi screen 2 2 HR


How to speak about Asia without speaking about his mythic fish, the KOI Carp. It is from this aquatic living creature, that BRABBU decided to create a full collection, screens, tables, rugs . Indeed, in the country of the sunrise, KOI carpes are a symbole of virility and love, swimming against the current of the rivers and japanese waterfalls, KOI is paradoxally an extraordinary calm living being. As a tribut, the entrance of the katanas scabbard is called Koiguchi, litteraly “Koi carpe’s mouth”.


TOP 5 : Asia inspire BRABBU


TOP 5 : l'Asie Inspire BRABBU KOI Rug


It is how the brand take its inspiration from Asia, and propose you deep and strong pieces showing of an eclectic design.

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