Paris 2050, by Vincent Callebaut

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Vincent Callebaut is the master of Belgium architecture, he is literally inventing the city of tomorrow which is sustainable, green and completely modern. Paris, the city of the future allows its population to breath better by being surrounded by pure air, to live more comfortably, to produce its own food resources and to not be dependent to fossil fuel. Furthermore, the building of this new city is completely organic and really nice to admire with their transparency and their vegetation.


paris Paris 2050, by Vincent Callebaut


Paris 2050 paris Paris 2050, by Vincent Callebaut antismog towers 14e petite ceinture
Anti-fog Towers, 14ème arrondissement.


For 2050, Vincent Callebaut is seeing things in big. He already imagined the Belgium pavilion for the universal exhibition of 2020 and called it “Green Brussel 2050”. Today, he attacks the French capital by revisiting each corner of the city, from the luxurious 16th arrondissement until the périphérical quarter.


Natural materials

Paris 2050 paris Paris 2050, by Vincent Callebaut bamboo nest tower ensemble massena 13e
Bamboo Tower – Quartier Massena, 13ème arrondissement


More common transportations could link all the corners of the city in a sustainable way. The Haussmann buildings of the famous Rivoli street will be covered by vegetation and its sidewalks by wind turbines. All the materials are eco-responsible, such as the bamboo towers of Massena quarter for example.


Paris made of utility buildings

Paris 2050 paris Paris 2050, by Vincent Callebaut bridge tower boulevard periph
The Bridge Tower – Boulevard Périphérique


Each building has a proper utility, therefore, a bridge isn’t just a bridge, but it is also a building and a forest, and then, he uses turbines inside the water of the river above which one it was build to produce its own energy.


A decoration but not only

Paris 2050 paris Paris 2050, by Vincent Callebaut honeycomb tower 20e porte des lilas
Bee Nest – Porte des Lilas, 20ème arrondissement


A building shaped like a bee nest isn’t only decorative, but it also allows the buildings to balance naturally the quantities of warm air and cold air entering inside, without systematically using the air conditioner.


Paris 2050 paris Paris 2050, by Vincent Callebaut Mangrove gare du nord 10e
Mangrove Tower – Gare du Nord, 10ème arrondissement


Until 2050, the city of Paris by Vincent Callebaut will be an example of a city from the future, entirely sustainable and autonomous, in which one man would live better, in communion with nature. Paris, in plus of being the city of light, can also be an example of an occidental métropole fully included in the 3 millennia, entirely autonomous and with controlled and green development.


paris Paris 2050, by Vincent Callebaut

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