Pierre Yovanovitch – Between Geometry and Modernity

Pierre Yovanovitch is an artist. He is using the traditionnal know-how of the french craftmen to create unique interiors and pieces made of noble materials such as marble, stone, metals or copper. The Architectural Digest qualified his work of purely “Made in France” and named him on the list of the 100 best interior designers on the prestigious AD100 list in 2010.


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Let’s take a closer look to this designer 100% french !


Pierre Yovanovitch is born 1965 in Nice on the French Riviera. He didn’t started his career in design but in fashion and worked for the studios of Pierre Cardin between 1990 and 2000 in Brussels and then in Paris. His own agency opened in 2001 under the name of “Pierre Yovanovitch, Interior designer” and proposed services in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, Israel and USA. In 2016, the agency mooves in a particuliar Hotel in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris and opened an office in the Madison Avenue in New York in 2018.


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The Castle of Fabregue

The Castle of Fabregue


The dinning room with a lustre from Paavo Tynell, 1948


The living room decorated with pieces of the Oops collection.


The castle of Fabregue is a shinning jewerly located in Provence in the south of France. This castle built during the XVII century was almost ruined when Pierre Yovanovitch decided to buy it and to entirely restaure it. Three years will be needed to give a second life to the castle and its gardens. The designer kept the main elements that define a castle : the towers, the big door at the entrance and the main stairs. The decoration inside is sweet, delicate and elegant, all the charm of the place was revealed. It is impossible to not be seduced by the romantism of this castle. The building works were huge, indeed, the structure itself of the building needed to be re think, the foundations needed to be made, The objective was to keep the authenticity of the castle without giving it a too pushed historical side.


La Collection “OOPS”

La collection Oops is mainly inspired from the cinema world, from the aliens of Steven Spielberg to the Robert Southey’s tales, the collection is original, comfortable and sweet, visually such as tactilely.

Let’s take a look to some of the pieces : the light E.T. for example was inspired from the famous little creature created by the genious Steven Spielberg. A sweet and shy shape, leading to a big bulbe of light on the top that give you a delicate feeling of childhood. We can also speak about those 3 fluffy armchairs inspired by Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You will find in this collection, Momy Bear, Daddy Bear and Baby bear. You will also find a tooth stool that will make you think to some milk baby tooth or a a suspension that look like made of an alien dark liquid.


The light E.T., Collection OOPS


Some fluffy sits from the Collection OOPS


A wood sit from the Collection OOPS


A tooth stool from the Oops Collection


The collection OOPS was presented in France during the Design Parade of Toulon this summer. The episcopale castle of Toulon welcomed the festival organized by the Villa Noaille such as 10 young talents, finalists from the Design Parade. Pierre Yovanovitch was the main judge of this championship and an entire wing of the castle was dedicated to his own exhibition : L’érotomanie de Mlle Oops. Such an original name promise some big surprises. Indeed the designer took this opportunity to present a scenography made of the pieces of his famous furnitures collection launched in 2017. He also asked for the help of several others designers such as Lesage Interieur or Choï Byung Hoon, galerists such as Downtown or Perrotin and the FRAC.


The bedroom of Mlle Oops


The Quinta Da Corte

Pierre Yovanovitch
The Quinta da Corte by Pierre Yovanovitch


Pierre Yovanovitch
The Quinta da Corte by Pierre Yovanovitch – The living room


Pierre Yovanovitch
The Quinta da Corte by Pierre Yovanovitch – A living room


Pierre Yovanovitch
The Quinta da Corte by Pierre Yovanovitch – A dining room

It is in Portugal that we find back our dear french artist. Precisely, in the Quinta da Corte, near by Pinhao, the emblematic Port Wine region of the country. The vineyard, one of the best of the country is currently under a big investment, the main family house was transformed in an Host House and welcome plennty of curious visitors that wish to know more about the port wine production. Pierre Yovanovitch made the travel to give to this splendid place all its charm back. Using pure colours, bold architecturale lines and the know-how of the local craftsmen, the interior designer knew how to reveal the romantism of the place.


Quinta da Corte
5120-491, Valenca do Douro

Web Site : Quinta da Corte


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Here you can only find a sample of the work of the famous french artist, but there is a lot more, artistic, commercial or residential projects to discover. A delicate and elegant touch of luxurious sobriety is our way to describe his work. I let you below, some picture of the numerous others projects Pierre Yovanovitch invested his time and his talent. I hope you will enjoy !


Pierre Yovanovitch
A project in Brussels by Pierre Yovanovitch – Belgium


The office of the group KERING by Pierre Yovanovitch – France


Des appartements privées à l’Assemblée Nationale by Pierre Yovanovitch – France


Musée de la Patinoire Royale by Pierre Yovanovitch – Belgium


A Chalet by Pierre Yovanovitch – Switzerland


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