The Inner House: Passionate Interior Design

The Inner House was created by Markus Altvater, who has been passionate about interesting and unique interior design. He started by redesigning his bedroom at the age of 12, built columns and had a glazier make a custom-made mirror for himself. When he was 16, he discovered an Art Déco table lamp at the auctioneer’s where he was working, for which he immediately spent the money that he had just earned.

The Inner House: Passionate Interior Design
The Inner House – Master Bedroom

Peace and tranquillity welcome the tenants of this master bedroom. The relaxed atmosphere is created by warm grey tones on the walls, a dark ceiling and curtains in a bold teal. The room-high black-out curtains allow an undisturbed sleep even in the intensive morning sun.

The Inner House: Passionate Interior Design
The Inner House – Penthouse Sapphire

A bright and airy space that emphasises modern architecture, rather than distracting from it. In this penthouse in Berlin Mitte, a colour concept of black-and-white and natural tones provides a calm background against which bold splashes of colour provide strong accents.

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BRABBU upholstery Malay chair

This passion has grown over the years. By travelling. By multiple redesigns of his own home. But also by supporting friends with the planning, renovation and equipment of their homes and workplaces. Markus Altvater book hotels not only by location or price but also by whether he likes its design, the rooms and furnishings in the lobby or the spa. He mentally redesigns many of the rooms he visits.

The Inner House: Passionate Interior Design
The Inner House – Apartment Berlin II

An open living space with separate areas for living, dining and sleeping characterises this small apartment in Berlin’s central Mitte district. The interior design combines modern pieces with vintage objects and custom-made furniture. Suitable objects were collected from all over Europe and combined with existing works of art and collectors’ items. Furniture and lighting thus create a harmonious space with style and extraordinary extras such as Barbie clothes hooks or the bespoke wallpaper in the bathroom.

The Inner House: Passionate Interior Design
The Inner House – Ubeeqo Berlin

A modern and harmonious working environment: The new Berlin office of Europcar car-sharing subsidiary UBEEQO is strikingly functional as well as considerate of its employee’s needs. THE INNER HOUSE designed a colour concept based on the corporate design and was responsible for furnishing and redesigning a kitchen. The employees now benefit from a comfortable lounge area for breaks and informal meetings. Large plants improve the room climate and provide privacy and even a little noise cancelling in addition to noise absorbents in the cathedral-like open-plan office.

After many years as a project manager in various industries,  Markus Altvater decided to finally make his passion his profession. He studied interior design in London and took the plunge into self-employment, and THE INNER HOUSE was born. Since then he has been advising and accompanying his clients on one of the best tasks he can imagine: To make their living and work environments more beautiful and more functional. And of course, his clients also benefit from his experience in project management and commercial expertise.

The Inner House: Passionate Interior Design
The Inner House – Home Office

An entire office in just 130 sq ft. This inviting and functional workplace is fully equipped but also delivers ergonomic work design. The home office includes a sit/stand desk, a pendulum stool and perfect lighting. In addition, there is now ample storage space for files and books. A comfortable place for reading has been created by the window, which can also be used for a refreshing nap.

The Inner House: Passionate Interior Design
The Inner House – Apartment Berlin I

From what was once two separate rooms, a spacious living area has been created in this apartment in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district. The installation of a double-wing provides space and lightness. The conversion follows a modern interpretation of the mid-century style. It can be seen in the colour scheme as well as in the furniture, which consists for the most part of vintage originals. In the course of the redesign, the previous wood chip wallpaper was scraped off, all walls were plastered, painted with mineral paints or wallpapered. In addition, the existing electrical installation was extended in order to meet the client’s needs.

The Inner House is all about interior design. At the same time, it also says: “No matter the project, it’s about a personal place that expresses visually what can be found inside.” Whether the clients have just moved or would like to redesign their existing home, The Inner House’s initial design consultation is the perfect first step for them. It is as individual as the client’s living situation and can include the rearrangement of existing furniture or practical ideas for the use of space, materials and colours.

The Inner House: Passionate Interior Design
The Inner House – Twin Nursery

Cosiness for the first months of life. This 160 sq ft twin nursery is fully adapted to the needs of newborns. The babies sleep in a comfortable twin bed on castors, and the room can be completely darkened by a roller blind, even at noon. At the client’s request, a neutral colour scheme defines the room, which is additionally equipped with a changing table, a shelf and a wardrobe. Wall paintings and toys set colourful accents in addition to the comfortable armchair. As the room was previously used as a wardrobe, the apartment required new storage space after the conversion. This can now be found in wardrobes in the bedroom as well as bespoke furniture in the hallway, dining room and utility room.

The Inner House: Passionate Interior Design
The Inner House – Reading Room

Small changes, big effect. The rearrangement of the existing furniture in this reading room in Berlin Treptow provides a clearer and at the same time more comfortable use of the space in this room. Two 1950s cocktail chairs were reupholstered in a bold red fabric. Together with the carpet and the leather sofa they now form a relaxed reading lounge. A warm grey tone was chosen for the walls. It lets the little Art Nouveau cabinet stand out by creating harmonious colour contrast.

The initial design consultation can include:

  • A comprehensive analysis of living or working situations on-site,
  • professional design tips,
  • recommendations for room layouts and use of space,
  • suggestions for furniture, lighting and materials,
  • product suggestions as well as information on suppliers and crafts.

Eccentric or elegant. Minimalist or opulent. Each apartment is as individual and unique as the people who live in it. Every office should meet the requirements of the people who work there.

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The Inner House designs:

  • residential spaces
  • offices
  • hospitality spaces
  • medical practices
  • temporary showrooms and
  • event areas
The Inner House: Passionate Interior Design
The Inner House – Kitchen Remodel

A small kitchen is now perfectly designed after a complete makeover. Not only was the hobby chef made happy by a larger work surface, but there was also considerably more storage space created. In addition, the redesign included creating a comfortable breakfast nook looking out onto an old chestnut tree.

The Inner House: Passionate Interior Design
The Inner House – Vorpahl Hair Salon

A modern salon that invites you to linger – this was the briefing for VORPAHL | FRISEURE’s new salon in Eberswalde. The room layout, with five styling and two washing stations, follows a clear design language and includes a consistent colour scheme. A modern workplace, as well as a place where employees and customers alike can feel at home, has been created in a newly built shopping mall.

The Inner House is dedicated to the clients’ demands for a stylish living or work atmosphere, whether they are planning to build a new space, or makeover an existing building, refurbish or redesign or just want to arrange existing furniture in the best possible way. The Inner House also optimises floor plans and develops individual colour and lighting concepts for their clients.

The Inner House offers:

  • residential spaces
  • offices
  • hospitality spaces
  • medical practices
  • temporary showrooms and event areas
  • initial design consultation
  • basic, detailed and execution planning
  • colour and material concepts
  • lighting concepts
  • furniture design and furnishing
  • selection and management of suppliers and trades
  • construction supervision and control of suppliers and trades

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The Inner House also offers consultation for businesses – for example when it comes to optimised workplaces or recreation zones. After the initial meeting, the clients can take care of the detailed planning and implementation, the commissioning of crafts and the purchase of materials, furniture and home accessories themselves. Alternatively, The Inner House also offers the client a full-service package from developing the design concept to detailed implementation.


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