4 architecture Leaders That Will Change the World

Climate has become the center of all the current challenges in every domain, fashion, food, and architecture. The protection of the environment and the development of a sustainable economy and a sustainable way of life became essential for our future. As a matter of fact, the change in the domain of architecture is quite big even massive, cities need to be autonomous, they need to be zéro impact, they need to allow animals and vegetation to develop naturally around them. As a consequence, sustainable architecture studio flourished during the past years and all around the world and are now creating the city of tomorrow. Discover below a sample of those visionary projects :


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1. Stefano Boeri Architetti – Milan / Italy

Stefano Boeri is Italian and is born in 1956 in Milan, the world capital of design. He obtains his master in architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan and achieves his Ph.D. in 1989 in Venice. Stefano Boeri isn’t afraid of anything, he is an architect but he was also the redactor of 2 specialized magazines – one Domus and the other Abitare – and finally, he taught urban planification  at the University of Milan. However, what will makes him known around the world are those high gardens and huge buildings entirely covered by vegetation that I invite you to discover below :


Forest City - Liuzhou, Chine
Forest City – Liuzhou, Chine

The Forest City of Liuzhou in China is the beginning of a new world where vegetation and nature took back their rights on the human. Proposed the first time in 2015 for the COP21 conference in Paris, the forest city is currently under construction and will be delivered in 2020. Around 30 000 people will live under this mountain of vegetation. The city is entirely autonomous and propose a zéor impact on the environment. 40 000 trees will be absorbing 57 tonnes of carbon dioxide and producing 900 tonnes of oxygen every year.


Jardins verticaux - Nanchino, Jiangsu, Chine
Vertical garden – Nanchino, Jiangsu, Chine

This vertical forest is one of the last projects of the Italian architect for the city of Jiangsu in China. Composed of 1 100 trees in total, the complex is composed of 2 towers, the 200 meters one will welcome offices, a museum, and the Green Architecture School. The second tower is smaller, 108 meters high and will welcome a 247 rooms Hyatt Hotel. The environmental advantages of the buildings are numerous since they will be absorbing 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide and create 60 tonnes of fresh oxygen every year.


WonderWood - Utrecht, Netherland
WonderWood – Utrecht, Netherland

Let’s go now to Netherland to discover WonderWood in Utrecht. WonderWood is a project composed of 2 towers, the first one is the work of Stefano Boeri Architetti and the second one is the work of the Dutch architect Roberto Meyer. WonderWood was built to answer the urbanism problematics offering a true lung and fresh air on the middle of the city.


2. Jacques Rougerie – Paris / France

Jacques Rougerie is a 21st century Jules Verne. Architect but also an oceanographer, Jacques Rougerie enter the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts at 19 years old and will be trained by personalities such as Auguste Perret. Passionated by the Commandant Jacques-Yves Cousteau and by the first submarines habitats, Jacques Rougerie is today an essential figure concerning sustainable urban development. Here are some of his projects :


Cité des Mériens
Cité des Mériens

Looking like a real Manta Ray, the University floating City is meant to welcome professors, students, and searchers with the aim of making research about the ocean. Until 2050, this 90 meters long machine welcoming 7 000 people will be following the sentinels’ programs of Sea Orbiter


Sea Orbiter
Sea Orbiter

Sea Orbiter is, in a way, the equivalent of the International Spacial Station, a center exclusively dedicated to oceanographic research. 51 meters high from what 30 meters will be under water and 23.8 meters large, the aluminum and methacrylate structure is entirely autonomous and will allow welcoming 18 oceonots 24h a day and 7 days a week. On Board, new species will be studied, experiences will take place and ludic videos will be recorded and directly transmitted.


Académies Park - Qingdao, Chine
Académies Park – Qingdao, China

The Academies Park of Quingdao in China is a representation of the link between the millennium China and modern China and its connection with the world. The academies of this center are acting like a huge brain generating knowledge. In China, the green dragon is a really strong symbol, it is logic that the building takes the shape of this mythical animal.


More inspiration <<



3. Vincent Callebaut – Paris / France

Vincent Callebaut is an engineering and creative genius! Born in 1977 and from Belgium origins, he leaves the Victor Horta institute graduated in 2000 and win the Godecharle price – rewarding young Belgium artists – in 2001, aged 24. Dragonfly, the Heliopolis Bridge or the Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower of Taipei, all thos buildings or projects are coming from his delirium mind! Let’s take a look at some of his craziest projects :


Hydrogenase - China
Hydrogenase – China

The Hydrogenase project is a fiction project that aim to answer a big amount of futur environmental problematics proposing a seaweed farm entierly independant and sustainable. As explained by Vincent Callebaut himself, the floating farm acts like an epuration center and uses greend seaweed to recycle trashs. The farm is entirely autonomous and would allow to clean seas and oceans of our planet and increase at the same time living conditions of the submarine living being.


The Kings Forest - Morocco
The Kings Forest – Morocco

The Kings Forest is a private fictive project taking place in Morocco and that aim to complete fusion with the surrounding nature by looking like giant leaves. Giving to the visitors the feeling to be alone of earth at the bow of a boat with a panoramic view on the mountains, those houses are in complete synchronization with nature allowing a natural contact with animals and vegetation around.


Geneva 2020
Geneva 2020

A maximum of water, a maximum of vegetation, here is how to define the project Geneva 2020 by Vincent Callebaut. The objective is to make free 220 ha of industrial space for a project called Landscript. The concrete is, as a matter of fact, covering the entire space which is a good example of urban invasion.


4. OXO Architectes – Montreuil / France

OXO Architectes is the agency created by Manal Rachdi with the aim of  “developing architectural systems to transform research, the practical analysis, and certain theoretical questions, in leading strengths of conception.” Manal Rachdi imposed himself as a pillar of a new generation of architects looking for social responsibilities and humor in its creation, discover below a small sample of them :


Arbre Blanc – Montpellier, France
Arbre Blanc – Montpellier, France

The White Tree is a double meeting. First of all, it is a meeting between Japan and France and second, it is a meeting between the young generation and the old one. In partnership with Sou Fujimoto, for who it is the first project in France, OXO Architectes created this tall white tower on the Christophe Colomb Square in Montpellier. The building was entirely through for its environment and will host an art gallery, and a bar with a panoramic garden.


Mille Arbres – Paris, France
Mille Arbres – Paris, France

The Mille Arbres project will be delivered in 2023 in Paris. The concept is to create a city building with offices, accommodation, a bur station, a conference center, and even a panoramic restaurant. Making the link between Paris and Neuilly, Mille Arbres is a hybrid building offering a true ecosystem covered by vegetation. The project was the result of a partnership with the Japanese Sou Fujimoto, once again.


Ecotone – Antibes, France
Ecotone – Antibes, France

Our last project is in France, once again, in the south of the country in Antibes. That time, it is in partnership with the famous cabinet Jean Nouvel and the agency Foussat Bapt that OXO realized the project. The construction will be entirely composed of offices and services and will rise in the quarter of Sofia Antipolis. The objective is triple, Ecotone Antibes will be the open door and the image of Sofia Antipolis creates the standard campus of the 21st century in France and being the excellence pole of biomimetic in the south of France.


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Sustainable architecture is in a big Boom and becomes the guideline of plenty of young architects happy with the idea of developing the world of tomorrow on a responsible basis. Among those projects, we can quote the renovation of the city of Paris until 2050 and even the urban development of submarine accommodation. Those projects are to look at carefully for the future of our civilization.




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