Where to eat in London? 10 best dining room ideas pinterest picks

London is a great city, everyone knows! Plenty of amazing restaurants with lots of menus, and sophisticated interiors, choosing the perfect place can be very difficult. Not anymore! Take a look at the 10 best dining room ideas and make your choice easier!


Just outside Chinatown, this is London’s prime exponent of the alluringly fiery and mouth-numbing cuisine of China’s Sichuan province.

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Specialising in stylish pan-Indian tapas, Amaya is favoured by a clientele of well-heeled professionals blessed with good taste and deep pockets.

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Bocca di Lupo

Dine at the bar and you’re in for a fun night, or afternoon – especially if you’re by the window. It’s the perfect perch from which to watch favourite actresses swan into the clamorous and less atmospheric rear dining room.

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Hereford Road

With good menus and the service suits the environment – it’s quietly confident and refreshingly laid-back. A wonderful place.

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The Wolseley

Like its stablemate Delaunay, a ‘café-restaurant in the grand European tradition’ and much-loved for its all-day menu providing something for everyone.

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Little Social

With an amazing super-bistro, Little Social pays homage to both Paris and Manhattan: sit near the back for ultra-discreet seating and wallow in the rich French-style cooking.

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Hawksmoor Seven Dials

A Covent Garden fruit warehouse transformed into high-end Carnivore Central, with awesome steaks (most affordable on the express menu) and a great cocktail bar.

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Bar Boulud

Bar Boulud is located in the basement of the majestic Mandarin Oriental and attracts a diverse mix of families, hotel guests, business people and romancing couples. It has great menus and service.

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The Ledbury

The Ledbury is an amazing restaurant, with amazing food and service, amazing interiors and is one of the best restaurants in London.

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The Delaunay

The interior is a treat, and the all-day menu has something for everyone – at prices that aren’t greedy.

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Hope you got inspired with these amazing restaurants and dining room ideas!