Holiday Decor – This is the Time to Decorate your Home

holiday decor

Today’s focus will be on Holiday Decor! With the Christmas season just around the horizon, it’s time to start decorating your house with a festive flair and to keep the ghosts of interior design at bay, we’ve selected a few ideas just for you!

Holiday Decor

BRABBU, in collaboration with our sister businesses Maison Valentina and Rug’Society, will assist you in decorating your house for the Holiday Season! Let’s start with the decorations!

holiday decor decor your home

Warm up your living room décor for the holidays with modern furniture products like the SEQUOIA Center Table, MALAY Armchair, NAICCA Suspension Light, and BELIZE Mirror. All these together will create a warm interior for a colder season.

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holiday decor cosy living room in neutral tones

The magnificent KOI Side Table, the unusual AMIK Table Light, the exquisite LALLAN Center Table, the comfy PEARL Sofa, the smart KALINA Rug, and a large tree packed with lights are all you need to create a modern living room where you can experience this holiday decor at its fullest.

holiday decor inspired by christmas holidays

This modern living room decor is ideal for spending time with family and friends while sitting on the amazing IGUAZU Armchair, which is complemented by the delicate MACUSHI Rug below and the unusual CAY Side Table next to it, which has exquisite ornaments on top.

holiday decor with orange sofa inspired by christmas holidays

Combine the incredibly comfy OTTER Single Sofa and Ottoman with the cool CAUCA Rug and the spectacular CYRUS Wall Light for a holiday decor living room design that is warm and snug but also modern and bright.

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holiday decor blue and golden designs

Make a modern dining room set to seat the entire family on the KANSAS Dining Chairs around the AGRA Dining Table while having fun over the holidays, and add the MAMBU Bookcase for a touch of refinement.

holiday decor with white and green decor

Rug’Society adds elegance to this magnificent living space with the BAUHAU Rug, as well as our LALLAN II Centre Table and KAYAN Mirror. The BAUHAU Rug has a distinctive geometric shape that is a modern piece of art that would look great in your living room interior decor.

holiday decor with golden bathtub and christmas decor

With the gold shimmers of the Symphony Oval Bathtub and the soothing tones of Cross Grey Surface, Maison Valentina offers the ideal setting for a soak this season of holiday decor.

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